Happy Friday and #whatshouldwecallme

this tumblr is hilarious. at points its laugh out loud roll on the floor funny.

you’re welcome.

happy friday, m & a.

This one is from March 22nd.


Heeled rainboots:

Jeans without back pockets:

Ed Hardy:


three things.

here’s three things i’ve fallen in love with lately:

1. i love these painted wooden spoons!

2. saw these awesome skull screen prints by andy warhol at the mcnay yesterday.

3. i am in love with this spring weather going on in texas and this looks like the perfect springtime cocktail. colour and everything!

i’m exploring downtown san antonio today – the riverwalk, the alamo and even drinking some prickly pear margaritas! hope you are having a good thursday!   -A

a pop of color.

shirt: old navy. pants: cabi. shoes: target.

yellow pants. blue and white stripes. i am not sure that it get’s more colorful than this outfit. i thought that i might be self-concious from all the bright colors, but surprisingly the sunny day kind of matched my outfit. the sun and i work on coordinating like that.

have you jumped on the colored jeans band wagon? i highly recommend it. it brings out your sunny side. i mean how can you be in a bad mood in bright yellow, green, pink, or peach jeans?! i think that would be impossible.

therefore, they are worth the investment. an instant mood booster – just add a pop of color.

weekend update

hope you had an awesome weekend.

i went and saw the hunger games with some girlfriends on friday! did you go? had these awesome drinks – peeta’s punch and katniss’s kiss- before the movie at my friend katie’s!

then jamie and i spent the rest of the of the weekend relaxing, finishing battlestar gallatica (finally!) and playing some games.


and this week i’m heading off to san antonio for a conference with work. excited to go explore! keep up with me on instagram for pictures!



the weekend/ in the smokey mountains.

this weekend, jeremy and i took our first vacation since our honeymoon. we drove up to the smokey mountains, about 30 minutes outside of gatlinburg, and stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast called christopher place with our friends joseph and palmer.

all we did was relax, eat really good food, talk, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. it was quite spectacular. we went to the apple barn, went to a wine tasting, and had a fancy meal at buckhorn inn.

sometimes it’s just good to get away for a quick breather to refocus. here are some photos documenting our trip from my iphone, jeremy’s iphone, and my nikon:

i hope that you had a wonderful weekend as well! have a wonderful monday. xo-m.

a surprise…

Last Friday, Jeremy took me on a surprise date. I hate surprises. I am not a good sport. I like to know what is about to happen so that I can be prepared. Don’t you? Or are you one of those spontaneous people that I keep hearing about? I try to be spontaneous, but somehow it never works out. I like to know things. 

Jeremy knows this about me. For example, when he proposed he made me believe that I thought that I was taking him out on a surprise date. So all the while I thought that I was in control, I really wasn’t. Awesome. He likes to keep me grounded like that. So every now and then, surprise dates do my planner’s heart some good.

The only thing that I had control over was getting a diet coke from mcdonalds. $1 cure for grumpiness. At least that’s what Jeremy said. I guess, he is right…haha.

Jeremy took me all over town. We went shopping for things for our new house, went to downtown Franklin, ate a peanut butter and a chocolate chip cookie, went to a local winery and had a free wine tasting (!), and then went out to dinner at one of our favorite local, Italian restaurants, Cafe Nonna. All in all, I’d say that’s a good surprise day, wouldn’t you?!

spring is (officially) here.

happy first day of spring! it’s officially spring, although it decided to show up about a month early. but, no one is complaining here.

we thought we’d celebrate with some lovely things like these.

blueberry cinnamon rolls with orange cream cheese glaze.

fun diy: giant paper flowers.

the prettiest floral wreath.

happy spring!

XO, Mary and Adair