three things.

here’s three things i’ve fallen in love with lately:

1. i love these painted wooden spoons!

2. saw these awesome skull screen prints by andy warhol at the mcnay yesterday.

3. i am in love with this spring weather going on in texas and this looks like the perfect springtime cocktail. colour and everything!

i’m exploring downtown san antonio today – the riverwalk, the alamo and even drinking some prickly pear margaritas! hope you are having a good thursday!   -A


a pop of color.

shirt: old navy. pants: cabi. shoes: target.

yellow pants. blue and white stripes. i am not sure that it get’s more colorful than this outfit. i thought that i might be self-concious from all the bright colors, but surprisingly the sunny day kind of matched my outfit. the sun and i work on coordinating like that.

have you jumped on the colored jeans band wagon? i highly recommend it. it brings out your sunny side. i mean how can you be in a bad mood in bright yellow, green, pink, or peach jeans?! i think that would be impossible.

therefore, they are worth the investment. an instant mood booster – just add a pop of color.

spring is (officially) here.

happy first day of spring! it’s officially spring, although it decided to show up about a month early. but, no one is complaining here.

we thought we’d celebrate with some lovely things like these.

blueberry cinnamon rolls with orange cream cheese glaze.

fun diy: giant paper flowers.

the prettiest floral wreath.

happy spring!

XO, Mary and Adair


jeremy and i have been enjoying the weather these past couple of days.

spring makes some people loopy- and i am a wonderful example of that. i decided to go for a run. up and down the hills of downtown nashville. i am not as in shape as i once was. therefore, my intentions were WAY better than the outcome of that run. death. was. near. seriously.

it was embarrassing.

so, after that experience. jeremy suggested that we go for a walk downtown- to get ice cream.

of course i said yes. if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. who says no to rainbow sherbert, anyway?

does the weather make you loopy? hopefully not, but i do hope that you have a healthy dose of spring fever.

xo, mary

ps- also, we put in an adoption application for a puppy today. excited is an understatment. i am beaming. i’ve waited a year for this.

pps- we move into our new house SO SOON! west nashville- here we come!


colour of the year

if you should know something about me  you should know that there are two things that i love more than anything in this world- 1-good handwriting/ a good font

and 2- COLOUR

so i was really excited when pantone released their colour of the year which is–


the fashion world has already been hit by the tangerine bug–

here are some options of clothing that i found in some of my favourite stores so you can go ahead and don this fabulous colour:

 #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7#8 

**eek! that clutch is perfection!

and here are the rest of pantone’s colour choices for 2012:

which is your favourite?

adair: i’m loving of course the tangerine tango, but i think the sodalite blue and starfish are my other two favourites!

mary: sodalite blue, driftwood and sweet lilac!

so, go out, fill your closet and be ready for spring 2012!

xx, adair