around this time of year, i always get a new planner. i guess, it’s always with the changing of the school year- even thought i’m not in school. new planner in august. new calendar in january. confession, i live circa the dark ages. yes, i still use a planner. i have tried to move from using a planner to having my schedule all on my computer and phone, but it just doesn’t work. i keep a much more detailed schedule in my planner and put important things on my phone so that it can pop up as a notification reminder.

i just can’t give up my planner. anybody else like me!? there is just something about having it all down on paper. something about writing it down.

but as i have been searching for my new planner, i have realized how picky i really am about what my planner looks like and how it functions. are you like this, too? well, in my search i have found some pretty cool ones and thought that i’d share- for those of you still in the dark ages with me.

Of course, Martha Stewart has a DIY on making a leather planner. Martha, just come out with a planner already. We all know it would be perfect.

these planners from poketo are completely customizable. and HOW CUTE. that pink one is to die for.

both of these planners can be found at the paper source, which is easily one of my favorite stores to browse around for hours.

and this is possibly the cutest thing that i have ever found on pinterest. blogger of take two they’re small is brilliant.

what is your favorite planner? i’d love to know!  have a wonderful wednesday- the work week is half way over! yay!



three things

here are three diy’s that i’ve been dying to try (especially the last one!)-

#1- spray painted straw baskets

#2- bubbles in natural wool —

#3- cat quilt —

xx- hope you have an awesome thursday. jamie and i have been painting our new house the past few days. and let me tell you, it’s hard work. we’re pretty much painting the whole thing so its taking a lot of time + effort, but it looks so AWESOME. can’t wait to show you soon( probably post instagrams of the move on saturday –that might be in the rain- yipee) !


three things.

these are some of my favorite things that i am seeing around the web.

#1- Easter Eggs.

This is a simple and cute way to easily decorate for Easter. And, c’mon, who doesn’t love a little glitter?!

#2- Tiramisu Cupcakes.

Martha, Martha, Martha. Why do you do this to me?! I am normally really good at resisting sweets, but there would be no chance if this cupcake was in front of me. Yum. That icing looks incredible.

#3- Recipe Box

How pretty is this recipe box? I would love to have this in my new kitchen.

What are you loving around the internet?

Hope that you have a great Thursday. Today is extra special for Jeremy and me- we close on our  house today! It’s been a big week for both Adair and me!

XO, M.

oranges and cloves.

My favorite Christmas tradition is to make these oranges. I can remember back when we were little my mom showing us how to make these. The smell means Christmas to me. Martha Stewart has a “how to” on her website here. Her “pomanders” look very beautiful and very  elegant. I like to be a little more free style about it. Making different designs- like a chevron, stars, swirls, etc.  If you are looking for a new holiday tradition, you might want to try it out. Your house will smell incredible for days. Promise.

christmas decorations part 1

As soon as Thanksgiving was over, I started putting up Christmas decorations. Most of my decorations are handmade and I got a lot of my ideas from my girl, Martha. All in all, I had a lot of fun decorating for our first Christmas together. How did you decorate this year?