three things.

picked these beauties up on an evening walk. they wanted to say, “in case you didn’t know…autumn is on its way!!!”

found this on pinterest this week. love the simplicity of the styling. so carefree and so chic. and someone needs to buy me those sunnies.

lovely time with lovely friends. love you, courtney and ashlee.


three things

here are three divinely lovely things that i’ve come across lately—-

+1 — this high backed couch is so absolutely wonderful. i don’t think it’d fit in at my house, but i’d take it anyways.

+2 — these invitations. i cannot get over how cool they are. if i’d only known of quill & fox when i was getting married.

+3 — these are instagrams of amy merrick’s floral designs. i follow her blog & twitter and cannot fathom being around such lovelies on a daily basis – and not to mention how wonderful they probably smell.



happy thursday — tomorrow is friday and begins a long weekend! yay!



the weekend.

here are some photos from the weekend. some are from instagram (my username is: marybchandler if you want to follow along) and some are from my nikon.

i hope that you also had a lovely weekend. let us know what you did!  -mary.

new house + goofy pup named henry + the most beautiful garden roses from adair and jamie + west nashville farmer’s market + strawberries = the things that make a weekend perfect.

instagram update.

greetings from waco!

just a little update. we’re back to work and back to reality here in waco and that means figuring out our routine again. but something exciting that is on our horizon is that jamie and i are apartment hunting right now, which is really fun, but also stressful. we’re looking for a place to hopefully settle into for a couple years. so, i’m kind of being a little picky. here’s to staying in our price range and budget. haha.  keep your fingers crossed for us! we’ll keep you updated.

xx- adair

outfit snapshot


Shoes, Shirt, Necklace, Pants

Stripes, Oxford flats, chunky green necklace, and black jeggings.

The weather lately has been on the warm side, so I have not been able to pull out all my chunky sweater, scarves, and coats, soI have been improvising with layers and three quarter length shirts.

But have no fear, the weather man says that old man winter is on his way and when that happens, I know that I would give anything to have this almost 70 degree weather back in a heart beat.

What have you been wearing this fall? What have been your favorite trends?


nashville weekend snapshot.

Monday has arrived. Can we please go back to the weekend?

I do like the routine of the week, but life is seriously more fun when Jeremy is around. Monday, Monday. Not many people like Mondays, but I feel like it’s a great day to look back on what fun you had the previous three days.

Here is a snapshot of what Jeremy and I did this weekend. What did you do? Something really fun and adventurous or a quiet and relaxing few days?

Friday– We drove down to Clarksville and ate Mexican food (my favorite!) with my family and watched one of my all time favorite movies and ate yummy raspberries for dessert- She’s the Man. This was your prime, Amanda Bynes.

Saturday– We had a wonderful pancake breakfast/send off for my brother, Luke, who is spending the next week or so in Spain! Wish I was there, too! Willa, also wanted some pancakes from Jeremy! Ha. Silly girl.

After spending the day with friends and family, we had a late night drive back to Nashville.

Sunday–  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS= stupid. I know that it makes sense and all that jazz, but it seriously messed up my sleeping schedule. I have gotten up super early every day since then. NOT FUN.  So, what do you do with that extra time? Make Cinnamon Rolls and drink Iced Tea with a lemon. Perfect end to the weekend.

waco weekend snapshot.

here’s a little snapshot of my weekend:

thursday(yes i know not the weekend)- jamie played at common grounds. he was the artist of the week. it was great to get to see him get to play– when we were dating we lived so far from each other that it was very seldom that i got to see him perform. so it was an extra nice treat!

friday– jamie and i went to a usd/old book sale (thanks to a tip from madison and logan) and got some really awesome books. i went straight for the art section. it was such a steal! that’s not even all that i got. ha!

saturday– wrapped some of jamie’s birthday presents– its coming up soon (nov 18th)!

sunday– what-a-burger for dinner makes a good end to the weekend.