nashville weekend snapshot.

Monday has arrived. Can we please go back to the weekend?

I do like the routine of the week, but life is seriously more fun when Jeremy is around. Monday, Monday. Not many people like Mondays, but I feel like it’s a great day to look back on what fun you had the previous three days.

Here is a snapshot of what Jeremy and I did this weekend. What did you do? Something really fun and adventurous or a quiet and relaxing few days?

Friday– We drove down to Clarksville and ate Mexican food (my favorite!) with my family and watched one of my all time favorite movies and ate yummy raspberries for dessert- She’s the Man. This was your prime, Amanda Bynes.

Saturday– We had a wonderful pancake breakfast/send off for my brother, Luke, who is spending the next week or so in Spain! Wish I was there, too! Willa, also wanted some pancakes from Jeremy! Ha. Silly girl.

After spending the day with friends and family, we had a late night drive back to Nashville.

Sunday–  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS= stupid. I know that it makes sense and all that jazz, but it seriously messed up my sleeping schedule. I have gotten up super early every day since then. NOT FUN.  So, what do you do with that extra time? Make Cinnamon Rolls and drink Iced Tea with a lemon. Perfect end to the weekend.


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