baby it’s cold outside…

 Ok, so maybe it’s not that cold here in Tennessee, but it is Christmas time!!

And I absolutely love the holidays. From Thanksgiving day til New Year’s day, it is full of family time, yummy food, and lots of parties. But what do you wear to said parties? I am so glad you asked. My pinterest addiction is now your best friend. (All of these dresses and their links can be found on my pinterest page)

There is a little bit for everyone. I promise.


The  Christmas-y red dress


The  elegant lace dress.


The LBD and some variations


my new favorite, the sparkle dress.

And last, but not least:

The classic white dress


the ever so trendy gold dress.

XO, Mary


LLT Xmas Wish List.

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought that we would show you what is on our wish list this year.

Mary’s List:

1- one of these lovely little bags:

Fashion Luncheon Bag. With All My Heart Tote.

2- this lovely little sweater.

Merino Cambon Cardigan.

3- this lovely little candle.

Capri Blue Jar Candle, in Blue.

4- these lovely little earrings.

Dawn’s Dew Earrings. 

5-  this lovely little cookbook.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Adair’s List:

I.this lovely little print

bat print

II. this lovely little dress

fox hunt dress

III. this lovely little necklace

fragmented necklace

IV. this lovely little book-


V. these lovely little shoes-

mickey black leather by dolce vita