a pop of color.

shirt: old navy. pants: cabi. shoes: target.

yellow pants. blue and white stripes. i am not sure that it get’s more colorful than this outfit. i thought that i might be self-concious from all the bright colors, but surprisingly the sunny day kind of matched my outfit. the sun and i work on coordinating like that.

have you jumped on the colored jeans band wagon? i highly recommend it. it brings out your sunny side. i mean how can you be in a bad mood in bright yellow, green, pink, or peach jeans?! i think that would be impossible.

therefore, they are worth the investment. an instant mood booster – just add a pop of color.


this weekend jamie and i went out on a date, bought some board games (love bananagrams!), went to a fun dinner party BUT best of all we went to the zoo! hope you had a good weekend too. here’s some pictures from ours!

pretty sure we have the cutest cat ever…

this is penny’s new bowl- fancy, huh? i got them at target. they were super cute and super cheap — think i’m going to go back and get the coffee mug that they had like this!

did a little bit of organizing and hung some new stuff up around the house (will show later this week!)

otters are my favourite animals!

that face! haha.

the new baby tiger cubs!

jamie went to a concert on sunday night so of course i had to end the weekend with a little bit of twilight! 🙂

xx- adair

Jason Wu and Target.

Although we live in different states, we both arrived at Target (Mary in Clarksville (Nashville would’ve been too crazy for my first experience), Adair in Waco) at 7:30am on Sunday February 5th. We had a very important date with Mr. Wu and his Spring/ Summer collection for Target. We did not get up for the Missoni collection- kinda wish I had for those super cute rain boots that I see everyone wearing- so we decided that we would try it out. We had seen the lookbook of the collection and loved it. 

And we were a little bit obsessed with the precious cat in all the commercials…

We  both had items that we really wanted from the collection. Adair wanted the cat scarf (which she got!) and I wanted the beautiful white dress with the black lace bottom or the  navy dress with the pink and red stripes at the bottom. Yall, neither of those were at the Target in Clarksville. I was DEVASTATED. I got up SUPER early on a Sunday specifically for one of those dresses and it wasn’t there.  Okay, now that we’ve had a good cry together, I will let you know that this story does have a happy ending. Haha.

I went to Target with my good friend, Lauren. And boy was I glad I did. She had already tackled Missoni in the fall so she was a pro. I was very timid- checking everything out- SEARCHING FRANTICALLY FOR THOSE DRESSES- and there she was throwing everything in the collection in her shopping cart. Smart move. People can be super nice in line while waiting for the doors to open, but once you’re inside it’s every woman for herself.

Lauren, Adair, and I ended up getting GREAT stuff. And honestly, I am kinda glad those dresses weren’t there because I go to look at the other items that I had overlooked before.

Adair got the cat scarf,(picture 4, number 2) pleated skirt (picture 1, model 1), and the beautiful navy polka dot bow shirt (not pictured above). And she looks SO cute.

I got the baby blue cardigan (picture 3, model 4), the pleated skirt (same as Adair), the beautiful lace clutch, and a chiffon flower print dress with a yellow belt (pictured below). I also got my mom the cute pink, yellow, and black dress (picture 1, model 2) and my little sister the blue flower print dress with the lace sleeves. We will be the cutest Jason Wu family on the planet. No worries.

I did not have time to style my new items and look as cute as Adair. Jeremy and I have been stressing this week, but have some cool news- so be on the look out for that later this week!

Also be on the look out for a x2 twin style post to see how Adair and I will style our new and matching black pleated skirts!

We hope that you scored some Jason Wu, too! Let us know what was your favorite in the collection and what you bought on Sunday!

Happe Wednesday! XO, Mary

weekend update.

Can’t believe the weekend is already over.

It was a crazy weekend to say the least. We did a little bit of everything.


I finally finished Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was a great book, but I am kinda still processing it.  (Did anyone else read this book and see the movie? Some parts were too much for me. Wondering if I can handle the movie. Let me know what you thought.)

Dinner with my parents and little brother at Tin Angel. Found my favorite thing on the menu: “Angel Louie Pomodoro”. Seriously the most basic thing on the menu, but it was really good.

Then, we went to the symphony. Good music and the most beautiful building in Nashville, Tennessee.


Saturday was rainy, so we spent the majority of the day being a little lazy.

Later that night Jeremy’s cousin got married! It was such a fun night spent with family. We couldn’t be happier for you Hunter and Kristen! Have fun in Belize!


We drove to Clarksville Saturday night because my friend Lauren and I had a date with Mr. Jason Wu at 8 am at Target. We really had so much fun and got the cutest clothes!

I got a pretty summery dress, the black pleated skirt, the lace clutch, and the light blue cardigan. (You know if there was a cardigan in the collection, I was going to get it.) 

We got to grab lunch with Clarksville friends before heading back to Nashville.

Jeremy went with the guys to watch the Super Bowl, while I had better things to do. THE PUPPY BOWL. Did any of you catch even a minute of that?!? Oh my goodness, if you didn’t, you need to look it up now. Too much cuteness to handle. Then Downton Abby and smoothie time. (If you are a fan of this show and decided to watch the Super Bowl instead, you made a grave mistake. This was the best episode to date.)

That was my weekend! Hope that you had a wonderful one as well!

Happy Monday!   -M.