the weekend.

here are some photos from the weekend. some are from instagram (my username is: marybchandler if you want to follow along) and some are from my nikon.

i hope that you also had a lovely weekend. let us know what you did!  -mary.

new house + goofy pup named henry + the most beautiful garden roses from adair and jamie + west nashville farmer’s market + strawberries = the things that make a weekend perfect.

the weekend.

this weekend was pretty busy.  jeremy had the day off on friday- so we had an extra long weekend! since we both had to work last saturday- he planned us a surprise date! (more to come on that this week)

we got to hang out with a friend from back home and his new girlfriend pretty much all day, which was so fun.

but, our team, vanderbilt, was beat in the ncaa tournament on saturday night. it was a heart-breaker and it was dumb. they could’ve won. but as, richard fish on ally mcbeal would say- bygones. (richard fish, by the way, is my favorite character on ally mcbeal. can i get an amen?!?)

on sunday, my mom and little sister, lillie, drove down and ate brunch with us at copper kettle. there is only one word that comes to mind: yum. (you can read our review on copper kettle and other nashville spots here.)

we went and checked on the new house with them. it’s coming together! every time we go by, there is something new. so exciting. can’t wait to share photos with you once it’s finished.

then, we spent the rest of the afternoon in centennial park. the weather was perfect and the park was packed. jer started on the last of the hunger games books and i started pride and prejudice for about the 100th time. what can i say? i can’t get enough. later, i even took a nap. glorious.

**That is where Jeremy proposed to me almost two years ago!! 😀 😀

How was your weekend? Hope that it was wonderfully perfect.

XO, M.


jeremy and i have been enjoying the weather these past couple of days.

spring makes some people loopy- and i am a wonderful example of that. i decided to go for a run. up and down the hills of downtown nashville. i am not as in shape as i once was. therefore, my intentions were WAY better than the outcome of that run. death. was. near. seriously.

it was embarrassing.

so, after that experience. jeremy suggested that we go for a walk downtown- to get ice cream.

of course i said yes. if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. who says no to rainbow sherbert, anyway?

does the weather make you loopy? hopefully not, but i do hope that you have a healthy dose of spring fever.

xo, mary

ps- also, we put in an adoption application for a puppy today. excited is an understatment. i am beaming. i’ve waited a year for this.

pps- we move into our new house SO SOON! west nashville- here we come!


the weekend.

This Weekend:

I read the first Hunger Games book in 24 hours. Yes, it is that good and the movie comes out this March. Jeremy and I are stoked. You can watch the movie trailer it here.

On Friday, my friend Ashlee and I went thrifting and I scored this beautiful mirrored tray.

We went out and about on Saturday and then had a fun Saturday night date.

We also sugared up on some yummy drinks.

And then Sunday happened. It was pretty much the best day ever. The prettiest weather, the best conversations, yummiest egg sandwich, and a walk in Centennial Park. Made me thankful for my best friend.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Oscars on Sunday night. If you missed our Oscar fashion post, you can catch up here.

Happy Tuesday, M.

the weekend.

Jeremy and I spent the weekend in Clarksville with family. It had been since Christmas since we stayed the weekend with my family and it was relaxing and just what we needed.

On Saturday, our family cat Darcy had to go to the vet. He was sneezing all weekend and it turns out that he had an infection. Bless his heart, but I don’t think that there is anything as funny as a cat sneeze. Our other cat, Bingley, got upset that he couldn’t go in the cat carrier and go for a ride. Silly cat.

We took a little time out of our Saturday to browse Lowes for things for our new house.

We also got dinner with our friend Lauren. Love spending time with her.

We listened to some old tunes circa 1995. Still love you, TLC.

Our sweet baby, Willa. Cannot wait until Jeremy and I have our own weimaraner. Very soon.

There was a little bit of beautiful snow on Sunday. Not the 1-3″ that the weatherman promised, but it was pretty for the little bit it lasted.

And I finally got around to making Gwyneth Paltrow’s brussels sprouts. Her cookbook is my favorite.

It was a wonderful weekend, but we were glad to get back to Nashville.

I am still feeling a bit sick from Friday- hope this goes away soon.

Hope that this Monday is a great start to your week! – Mary

weekend update.

Can’t believe the weekend is already over.

It was a crazy weekend to say the least. We did a little bit of everything.


I finally finished Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was a great book, but I am kinda still processing it.  (Did anyone else read this book and see the movie? Some parts were too much for me. Wondering if I can handle the movie. Let me know what you thought.)

Dinner with my parents and little brother at Tin Angel. Found my favorite thing on the menu: “Angel Louie Pomodoro”. Seriously the most basic thing on the menu, but it was really good.

Then, we went to the symphony. Good music and the most beautiful building in Nashville, Tennessee.


Saturday was rainy, so we spent the majority of the day being a little lazy.

Later that night Jeremy’s cousin got married! It was such a fun night spent with family. We couldn’t be happier for you Hunter and Kristen! Have fun in Belize!


We drove to Clarksville Saturday night because my friend Lauren and I had a date with Mr. Jason Wu at 8 am at Target. We really had so much fun and got the cutest clothes!

I got a pretty summery dress, the black pleated skirt, the lace clutch, and the light blue cardigan. (You know if there was a cardigan in the collection, I was going to get it.) 

We got to grab lunch with Clarksville friends before heading back to Nashville.

Jeremy went with the guys to watch the Super Bowl, while I had better things to do. THE PUPPY BOWL. Did any of you catch even a minute of that?!? Oh my goodness, if you didn’t, you need to look it up now. Too much cuteness to handle. Then Downton Abby and smoothie time. (If you are a fan of this show and decided to watch the Super Bowl instead, you made a grave mistake. This was the best episode to date.)

That was my weekend! Hope that you had a wonderful one as well!

Happy Monday!   -M.

Weekend Update.

Normally, this post comes out on Monday. But, the SAG awards were on Monday. So, what does that mean for you?!? You get an extra day and and extra pictures in your weekend update. Score. You can thank the Screen Actors Guild. Anyways…

A lot went on this weekend. Some really exciting stuff and some really scary stuff. And at the end of the weekend, Jeremy and I were just thankful.

We spent Friday night in. Redbox and Homemade Black Beans and Rice. (Incredible. Recipe here.)

On Saturday, Jeremy’s parents were almost home- they got into a car wreck. Everyone is fine, but just a little banged and bruised. We were so glad that we could be with them and are so thankful that everyone is alright! So, Jeremy and I made a surprise visit to Clarksville on Saturday.

When you go to Clarksville you have to go to Blackhorse. Even if it is an hour and a half wait.

We headed back to Nashville that night and had a wonderfully lazy Sunday.

Grocery shopping. Notice that Jeremy is in charge of pushing the grocery cart. I am not allowed. I hit things. Specifically Jeremy’s heels. Whoops.

Then had fro-yo for lunch. We LOVE Sweet CeCe’s. We got it free. We’re still not sure how that happened, but pumped all the same.

Went to the gym to work-off the fro-yo lunch. (side note: why do they always play sad movies in the cinema room at the y? they played we are marshall. i am trying to concentrate on my breathing– crying does not help.) 

Then pulled out the tried and true Pro/Con lists for some upcoming decisions. Thank you, Rory Gilmore.

Then Monday I headed back to C-ville. Spent the afternoon with Lauren and Emily. And my family.

My parent’s house is perfection.

These guys missed me. And I missed them.


How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Happy Tuesday, Mary


the weekend.

This weekend the weather was weird and crummy. It was like 60 degrees one minute and then 38 degrees the next. (We slept through the tornadoes! Whoops!) The sun decided to not show its face AT ALL. Awesome. But you have to admit the fog looked pretty cool.

We ate at Germantown Cafe with my parents for Nashville Originals Week. I predicted that the Coconut Curry Salmon would be in my belly and I was right. And it was GOOD.

I went out for a girls night. Whiskey Kitchen. Yum and yum. Their pizzas are incredible. And the girls and I recommend the Blackberry Jeulip and the Marmalade Whiskey Sour.

We watched one of our favorite TV shows. (While flipping back to football.)

We made some yummy treats. (Poppyseed Bread and Fruit Smoothies)

And best of all, I just got to hang out with this guy.

I hope that your weekend was relaxing, wonderful, and exactly what you needed.

Happy Monday! Xo, Mary


This weekend was pretty low key for us here in Nashville. And that’s just how we like it.

We went on a date to one of our favorite local restaurants, Tin Angel. (They are one of the local restaurants participating in Nashville Originals week– you should check them out!)

We went to a basketball game.

We ate some yummy breakfast.

We drove around town.

We snuggled up on the couch with some hot tea and good books.

And ate pizza (Mellow Mushroom, of course!) and watched some football with friends.

Hope that you had a good weekend as well.

Happy Tuesday. XO, Mary