savory soups from pinterest!

here are my top favourite picks from soups that i’ve tried on pinterest lately! of course with a few tweaks of my own!

number 1- thai chicken soup!

my friends- grab a pen and paper and write this recipe down! when i first pinned it on pinterest the comment on it was “so good you will eat it for every meal until its gone” uh, true story. IT’S SO GOOD. i substituted red curry for green curry (because our grocery store didn’t carry it!) and it was fantastic. -and not to mention easy to make! the second time i made it- i added extra chicken and extra red peppers and it made it perfection!

number two –chicken pesto minestrone

this soup is so easy to make and is a good soup to carry over with you into the summer. it has an easy to make pesto that makes the soup extra creamy. you top it off with rotisserie chicken, asparagus, and roma tomatoes. nothing could be better.

number three –white chicken chili

this was so good that my cheese and sour cream hating husband loved it. i think that is enough said! haha. i added extra beans to make it less soupy and more like chili. and extra bacon- of course extra bacon.

so grab your bowls and spoons and get cooking!

xo- M+A

ps- all of these can be made in a vegetarian version and would be awesome. sometimes the meat helps make the soup, but in these soups they’d be great either way!

Nashville Originals Week.

I heard about Nashville Originals Week through one of my favorite Nashville blogs Eat. Drink. Smile. and was super excited to try it out next week! You can dine at a number of local restaurants with a set price and menu. And when you look at the restaurants and menus- the three course meal that you are getting is a STEAL.

As soon as I saw this, we made our reservations. It’s going to be a double date with my parents! So fun! It took us a minute to decide where we wanted to go because ALL the restaurants and ALL the menus looked amazing. We narrowed it down to a few and finally decided on Germantown Cafe. Their menu had a lot of choices and both my parents and Jeremy have been there and they all had a positive experience! I think the Coconut Curry Salmon might be in my belly that night. Haha.

If you are in the Nashville area, love food, love supporting LOCAL! check out their website and make your reservations! And maybe we’ll see you in Germantown.

XOXO, Mary

the loveliest little bridal shower.

This past week, my mom, Adair, and I got to co-host a shower with some friends for our friend Lauren, who is getting married this summer. We had the best time planning it and it turned out beautifully (if we do say so ourselves)! Adair and I have known Lauren since the 6th grade and we are so happy for her special destination day this summer. Here is a little peak at our lovely brunch shower!

XO, Mary

the loveliest little thanksgiving, part 1

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. jamie and i stayed in waco for –our first time making thanksgiving dinner. well, jamie made most of it, i kind of helped- you know the important jobs like mixing and taste testing. i was kind of worried about how the turkey was going to turn out, but it was golden brown perfection. pretty impressed with jamie’s cooking skills. other than cooking dinner- we just relaxed. we spent time with penny and snuggle up on the couch to watch super 8 (which was awesome!) –i also took jamie to see breaking dawn. waco pretty much clears out during summers, but especially during the  holidays. so, its nice for places to not be super crowded. i also started decorating for christmas. when i was at home, i hardly ever,–ok, ok, never helped decorate. so, i’ve been trying my hand at a few things. we’ll see how they turn out. i’ll keep you posted. 

here’s a little peek at our long weekend:

xx- adair