instagrams of waco weekend

here are some peeks into our weekend and new house. jamie and i (and the cats) are completely exhausted. moving sucks the life out of you–and this monday morning i’m wishing for an extra day to help me recuperate and/or finish things up. we still have a few things at the old apartment and need to clean it as well some painting to finish up. BUT jamie and i are going home on wednesday for his sister’s wedding, which i am really looking forward to. i’m throwing a lingerie shower with mary at her new house which i’ll get to see for the first time. so here’s to the beginning of this week flying by and the end of it moving wonderfully slowly to soak up some tennessee sun and spend every second with family.




the weekend.

here are some photos from the weekend. some are from instagram (my username is: marybchandler if you want to follow along) and some are from my nikon.

i hope that you also had a lovely weekend. let us know what you did!  -mary.

new house + goofy pup named henry + the most beautiful garden roses from adair and jamie + west nashville farmer’s market + strawberries = the things that make a weekend perfect.

weekend update

hope you had an awesome weekend.

i went and saw the hunger games with some girlfriends on friday! did you go? had these awesome drinks – peeta’s punch and katniss’s kiss- before the movie at my friend katie’s!

then jamie and i spent the rest of the of the weekend relaxing, finishing battlestar gallatica (finally!) and playing some games.


and this week i’m heading off to san antonio for a conference with work. excited to go explore! keep up with me on instagram for pictures!



the weekend/ in the smokey mountains.

this weekend, jeremy and i took our first vacation since our honeymoon. we drove up to the smokey mountains, about 30 minutes outside of gatlinburg, and stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast called christopher place with our friends joseph and palmer.

all we did was relax, eat really good food, talk, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. it was quite spectacular. we went to the apple barn, went to a wine tasting, and had a fancy meal at buckhorn inn.

sometimes it’s just good to get away for a quick breather to refocus. here are some photos documenting our trip from my iphone, jeremy’s iphone, and my nikon:

i hope that you had a wonderful weekend as well! have a wonderful monday. xo-m.

the weekend.

This Weekend:

I read the first Hunger Games book in 24 hours. Yes, it is that good and the movie comes out this March. Jeremy and I are stoked. You can watch the movie trailer it here.

On Friday, my friend Ashlee and I went thrifting and I scored this beautiful mirrored tray.

We went out and about on Saturday and then had a fun Saturday night date.

We also sugared up on some yummy drinks.

And then Sunday happened. It was pretty much the best day ever. The prettiest weather, the best conversations, yummiest egg sandwich, and a walk in Centennial Park. Made me thankful for my best friend.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Oscars on Sunday night. If you missed our Oscar fashion post, you can catch up here.

Happy Tuesday, M.

the weekend.

This weekend we spent Friday night at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, Chuy’s. Queso, creamy jalapeno, chips and salsa, and margaritas.

We went to the local favorite donut shop Fox’s Donut Den. We still love our Krispy Kreme though.

Saturday  night my parents came up and we ate at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Yummy pizza, tiramisu, and Italian lemon soda.

Jeremy and a friend went to the Vanderbilt/ Kentucky game, while I had a girls night alone. I finally got to watch Jane Eyre. It was a beautiful movie. It was perfect.

A facial with Deep Sea Mud mask was just the ticket.

Jeremy and I went grocery shopping. We are having ice cream sundaes for Valentine’s Day and had so much fun picking out our toppings.

Jeremy has already gotten in to the Valentine’s Day candy. Surprise, surprise. What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend as well.

Happy Tuesday. XO, Mary.

Weekend Update.

Normally, this post comes out on Monday. But, the SAG awards were on Monday. So, what does that mean for you?!? You get an extra day and and extra pictures in your weekend update. Score. You can thank the Screen Actors Guild. Anyways…

A lot went on this weekend. Some really exciting stuff and some really scary stuff. And at the end of the weekend, Jeremy and I were just thankful.

We spent Friday night in. Redbox and Homemade Black Beans and Rice. (Incredible. Recipe here.)

On Saturday, Jeremy’s parents were almost home- they got into a car wreck. Everyone is fine, but just a little banged and bruised. We were so glad that we could be with them and are so thankful that everyone is alright! So, Jeremy and I made a surprise visit to Clarksville on Saturday.

When you go to Clarksville you have to go to Blackhorse. Even if it is an hour and a half wait.

We headed back to Nashville that night and had a wonderfully lazy Sunday.

Grocery shopping. Notice that Jeremy is in charge of pushing the grocery cart. I am not allowed. I hit things. Specifically Jeremy’s heels. Whoops.

Then had fro-yo for lunch. We LOVE Sweet CeCe’s. We got it free. We’re still not sure how that happened, but pumped all the same.

Went to the gym to work-off the fro-yo lunch. (side note: why do they always play sad movies in the cinema room at the y? they played we are marshall. i am trying to concentrate on my breathing– crying does not help.) 

Then pulled out the tried and true Pro/Con lists for some upcoming decisions. Thank you, Rory Gilmore.

Then Monday I headed back to C-ville. Spent the afternoon with Lauren and Emily. And my family.

My parent’s house is perfection.

These guys missed me. And I missed them.


How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Happy Tuesday, Mary


the weekend.

This weekend the weather was weird and crummy. It was like 60 degrees one minute and then 38 degrees the next. (We slept through the tornadoes! Whoops!) The sun decided to not show its face AT ALL. Awesome. But you have to admit the fog looked pretty cool.

We ate at Germantown Cafe with my parents for Nashville Originals Week. I predicted that the Coconut Curry Salmon would be in my belly and I was right. And it was GOOD.

I went out for a girls night. Whiskey Kitchen. Yum and yum. Their pizzas are incredible. And the girls and I recommend the Blackberry Jeulip and the Marmalade Whiskey Sour.

We watched one of our favorite TV shows. (While flipping back to football.)

We made some yummy treats. (Poppyseed Bread and Fruit Smoothies)

And best of all, I just got to hang out with this guy.

I hope that your weekend was relaxing, wonderful, and exactly what you needed.

Happy Monday! Xo, Mary

nashville weekend snapshot.

Monday has arrived. Can we please go back to the weekend?

I do like the routine of the week, but life is seriously more fun when Jeremy is around. Monday, Monday. Not many people like Mondays, but I feel like it’s a great day to look back on what fun you had the previous three days.

Here is a snapshot of what Jeremy and I did this weekend. What did you do? Something really fun and adventurous or a quiet and relaxing few days?

Friday– We drove down to Clarksville and ate Mexican food (my favorite!) with my family and watched one of my all time favorite movies and ate yummy raspberries for dessert- She’s the Man. This was your prime, Amanda Bynes.

Saturday– We had a wonderful pancake breakfast/send off for my brother, Luke, who is spending the next week or so in Spain! Wish I was there, too! Willa, also wanted some pancakes from Jeremy! Ha. Silly girl.

After spending the day with friends and family, we had a late night drive back to Nashville.

Sunday–  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS= stupid. I know that it makes sense and all that jazz, but it seriously messed up my sleeping schedule. I have gotten up super early every day since then. NOT FUN.  So, what do you do with that extra time? Make Cinnamon Rolls and drink Iced Tea with a lemon. Perfect end to the weekend.