three things

three things —

1- new rug:

2- i found this awesome recipe and can’t wait to try it! donuts are my weakness.

3- dream buffet (new at west elm):


three things.

picked these beauties up on an evening walk. they wanted to say, “in case you didn’t know…autumn is on its way!!!”

found this on pinterest this week. love the simplicity of the styling. so carefree and so chic. and someone needs to buy me those sunnies.

lovely time with lovely friends. love you, courtney and ashlee.

three things.

reading this week.

two of my favorite things right now: domino magazine and la croix.

jeremy and i may or may not have matched the other day when we went to the grocery store. whoops!

my newest plant. aloe vera.

the curling iron and i had been having a rough week. (three burns too many) so i broke down and bought this guy. it makes that burn go away as soon as you apply it to your skin.

one of God’s natural miracles.

hope that you are having a lovely week. we are dreaming of cooler weather, football season, and life to slow down a little. fall hurry up! i am ready for you!


three things

hello! happy thursday!

1- i just ordered this book. i’m always up for new recipes and cookbooks! my mother in-law started my collection and i’ve totally become a cookbook addict!

2- so, i lost my make-up bag on the way to spain. at the time i thought it was the worst thing that could possibly happen, BUT to be honest its given me a chance to research and find awesome new beauty products that i love. and this bb cream by dr. jart is a new favourite.

3- ok, confession. i LOVE netflix. jamie and i have been watching dawson’s creek, but lately i’ve started watching felicity and i’m loving it. ben is pretty dreamy and the late 90’s and early 2000’s were absolutely awesome. do you have any old shows that you watch?


three things

I thought that I’d also share my Madewell favorites!

Happy Thursday!

madewell-popstripe cardigan

popstrip cardigan

stripes on stripes. plus a cardigan. i am in heaven.

madewell-leopard skimmer

madewell-leopard skimmer

sidewalk skimmer in leopard 

i would wear these every single day this fall.

madewell- sweatershirt dress

softshade sweatershirt dress

comfy sweatshirt material, but qualifies as office clothing.

comfy office attire? it kind of feels like cheating, but in a way that you don’t feel the least bit guilty.


three things

ok, so you know there are some of those stores that you admire and admire for a long time but never buy anything from there?

well, confession madewell is that store for. I LOVE THEIR CLOTHES. seriously love them, but i’ve never bought one stitch of clothing from them.

i mean how many times have i posted about their barnwood boot?! i feel like x1000. (here)

i don’t know if its because i’ve never set foot in one of their store or what (pretty sure they have one in ATX too)– but all i do know is that needs to change asap.

i mean, come on! look at those denim shirts! i could practically live in those everyday.

well, anyways, here are three of my favourites (besides the barnwood boot – we all know i love it.) :


via TLLT (madewell) TEALACE TANK

silk tealace tank

via TLLT (madewell) WEDGEvia TLLT (madewell) WEDGE2

the sanddrift platform 

via TLLT (madewell) DENIM1

via TLLT (madewell) DENIM2

rivet & thread popover & western jean shirt in desert willow wash


three things +

+1 – my friend beth had this nail polish on last weekend and i fell in love with it. looked all over for it — and finally ordered some online. should be here soon it’s called bikini-so-teeny!

+2 – because even though it is the worst day ever doesn’t mean you can’t go through it stylishly.



+3 – fell in love with this cuff by youngfrankk




happy thursday!



three things. well, sort of and a day late.

total confession. this three things really isn’t a three things. it is more of an ode to kourtney kardashian. seriously love her. style icon.

(alothough she is being a little crazier on this season of keeping up with the kardashians. i hope that pregnancy doesn’t make me go that crazy. yikes.)

if i had to make it three things then here it is.

1. her style is perfection. classic with an eclectic flair.

2. she has the best sunglasses around

3. and her make-up is flawless.

anyone  else in love with kourtney and her syle?!