The Grammy’s

We LOOOOVVEEED the Grammy’s. It was Adele’s night to shine.

Here are our top three picks.


A:  the stella mccartney dress is so awesome. wish she had put some lipstick on though. 

M: Paris Hilton. Never did I ever think that she’d be at the top of any of my lists, but I guess we should listen to Bieber’s mantra- “Never Say Never” cause she looks beautiful.



A: romantic. love it. and love her hair- glad she kicked the curls.

M: Joy Williams. Simple and elegant- need I say more? Plus her baby bump is too cute.



A:  adele- always rocks her black dresses. her make-up is flawless.

M: Obsessed with Katy Perry and her dress. Not really loving the blue hair, but she still looks great.


three things

#1- THIS! haha. not only would it be a purrfect (tip of the hat to cee lo green’s cat) for a weekend bag- let’s be honest though, i would carry that thing everywhere. (hint, hint my birthday is coming up.)

#2- these colour combos + variations of black are absolute perfection to me.

#3 ULYANA. you exude beauty. this outfit is a dream.

also, here’s her spring/summer 2012 line. SWOONING.

ULYANA SERGEENKO l SPRING-SUMMER 2012 from Ulyana Sergeenko on Vimeo.

the hats, the hair, the full skirts, the patterns … i could go on and on.

xx- adair

(all images found via pinterest and the video was found here)

three things.

this week i’m obsessed with:


these books are absolutely gorgeous- jamie and i collect books and i would love to have these pretties sitting on one of my shelves together. i love the gold. also- i’m way excited about the great gatsby movie coming out!


this new pillow i got at ikea!


these lovely little gems! wish i had them.

xx- adair

all images found via my pinterest or instagram.