here’s a new playlist-

it’s small but a good one. perfect for this rainy day here in texas.

if you’d like to listen to all of these songs and a few more, subscribe to my spotify playlist ‘one’.

bird garland


+ come by storm by laura gibson

+ bible belt by dry the river

+ old gin road by ponderosa

+ barnacled warship by johnny flynn

+ hiding out by sucre


have a good day!  -adair

ps- i’m really in love with dry the river.


the list.

i hadn’t shared this list yet- but i thought i’d go ahead late rather than never. here is a list of twenty-three goals that i have set for myself to accomplish before i turn 24. hopefully posting it here will keep me accountable and serve as a place to mark off my accomplishments as the year goes by. here’s to a new start.

23 before 24

+ completely decorate our new house

+ take a course on photoshop

+ journal consistently

+ collaborate with Aelish on a project (make something awesome)

+ donate old clothes

+ curate my own show at the museum 

+ throw a fancy dinner party at the house

+ visit a foreign country

+ take a photo a day

+ go camping at enchanted rock

+ make the modern cat quilt

+ save up some money and buy something expensive

+ go on a roadtrip

+ find an extraordinary find at a thrift store/estate sale/flea market

+ make up a recipe from scratch

+ put a ginkgo tree in the yard

+ become a mixologist

+ plant a veggie or herb garden

+ make a shadow box

+ buy more art!

+ go on a romantic date/adventure with jamie

+ go see at least three art exhibitions in the dallas/austin/houston areas

+ have a french bulldog as a pet

so far i’ve completed one. it’s a good start.

xx- adair

what to wear….in barcelona!

hello all! today is an exciting day for mary and me. we are headed to barcelona, spain very soon. our cousin, wake is getting married and so the family is going to make a vacation of it!

here’s an outfit inspiration for a day out in barcelona – shopping (the market!), sightseeing (gaudi!), eating(tapas!), drinking (vino!) and having a merry time!

find them here: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis.

one year.

today is our one year anniversary.

this time last year we were on the beach with our friends and family, soaking up the sun and getting ready to get married!

this year has been a rollercoaster. it has had its ups and downs, but i wouldn’t trade it for anything. it has been the best year of my life. jeremy, thank you for being my best friend. thank you for being the best husband a girl could ask for. thank you for all the fun and laughter.

here’s to the first year and to forever.

i love you!

three things

here are three divinely lovely things that i’ve come across lately—-

+1 — this high backed couch is so absolutely wonderful. i don’t think it’d fit in at my house, but i’d take it anyways.

+2 — these invitations. i cannot get over how cool they are. if i’d only known of quill & fox when i was getting married.

+3 — these are instagrams of amy merrick’s floral designs. i follow her blog & twitter and cannot fathom being around such lovelies on a daily basis – and not to mention how wonderful they probably smell.



happy thursday — tomorrow is friday and begins a long weekend! yay!



instagrams of waco weekend

here are some peeks into our weekend and new house. jamie and i (and the cats) are completely exhausted. moving sucks the life out of you–and this monday morning i’m wishing for an extra day to help me recuperate and/or finish things up. we still have a few things at the old apartment and need to clean it as well some painting to finish up. BUT jamie and i are going home on wednesday for his sister’s wedding, which i am really looking forward to. i’m throwing a lingerie shower with mary at her new house which i’ll get to see for the first time. so here’s to the beginning of this week flying by and the end of it moving wonderfully slowly to soak up some tennessee sun and spend every second with family.



The ‘Midi’ Skirt

So, I don’t know about you, but we have been noticing a new trend. And we are in LOVE.

The “midi” skirt is a mid-length skirt that is so chic. It’s in between a maxi and a knee length skirt. Think tea length, but WAY cuter. So, we’ve found so many images on pinterest that we have used as my inspiration. Then we found some of the “midi” skirts from some of our favorite places to shop.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

find it here.

find it here.

find it here.

find it here.

find it here. 

What do you think? Is this a trend that you are going to try?

m & a.

three things

here are three diy’s that i’ve been dying to try (especially the last one!)-

#1- spray painted straw baskets

#2- bubbles in natural wool —

#3- cat quilt —

xx- hope you have an awesome thursday. jamie and i have been painting our new house the past few days. and let me tell you, it’s hard work. we’re pretty much painting the whole thing so its taking a lot of time + effort, but it looks so AWESOME. can’t wait to show you soon( probably post instagrams of the move on saturday –that might be in the rain- yipee) !