the list.

i hadn’t shared this list yet- but i thought i’d go ahead late rather than never. here is a list of twenty-three goals that i have set for myself to accomplish before i turn 24. hopefully posting it here will keep me accountable and serve as a place to mark off my accomplishments as the year goes by. here’s to a new start.

23 before 24

+ completely decorate our new house

+ take a course on photoshop

+ journal consistently

+ collaborate with Aelish on a project (make something awesome)

+ donate old clothes

+ curate my own show at the museum 

+ throw a fancy dinner party at the house

+ visit a foreign country

+ take a photo a day

+ go camping at enchanted rock

+ make the modern cat quilt

+ save up some money and buy something expensive

+ go on a roadtrip

+ find an extraordinary find at a thrift store/estate sale/flea market

+ make up a recipe from scratch

+ put a ginkgo tree in the yard

+ become a mixologist

+ plant a veggie or herb garden

+ make a shadow box

+ buy more art!

+ go on a romantic date/adventure with jamie

+ go see at least three art exhibitions in the dallas/austin/houston areas

+ have a french bulldog as a pet

so far i’ve completed one. it’s a good start.

xx- adair


say no to resolutions.

I have decided that I do not like the word resolutions. It may be because I have a hard time keeping New Year’s resolution (along with 95% of everyone). It may be because most resolutions are hard to keep. I prefer something a little more attainable, more simple, more focused. I prefer to call them NEW YEAR GOALS. One day about a week ago I sat down with a piping hot cup of raspberry green tea (my favorite!) and started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish, achieve, and do in 2012.

Do you take some time out of the busy last weeks of December and dream about the New Year? I hope so! It’s good to reflect, meditate, pray, and wish for the best for a fresh start. It is good to look back on mistakes and/or hard times to learn from them so that they can make us better. Here is a peak at my list:

Let us know what your 2012 goals are!!


image via pinterest

here are a few of my favourite songs that i keep on repeat whether it be at work or at home. hope you enjoy!

the water by johnny flynn with laura marling (been listening)

skeleton bones by john mark mcmillan (the medicine)

poison + wine by the civil wars (barton hollow)

rosyln by bon iver + st.vincent (new moon soundtrack)

i followed fires by matthew + the atlas (kingdom of your own)

song for the angels by great lake swimmers (bodies and minds)

yes by dario marianelli (jane eyre soundtrack)

if i had a boat by james vincent mcmorrow (early in the morning)

old stone by laura marling (alas i cannot swim)

undiscovered first by feist (metals)