three things.

Wanted this week:

#1: Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection.

Found this from a friend who shared it on Facebook and I am forever grateful. I would like the lipstick, eye liner, and fingernail polish. Please and thank you.

#2- Gold Heart Stud Earrings from Etsy.

So delicate and simple; I would wear them all the time.

#3- This outfit.

I believe this is the sweetest dress and the color is to die for. Also, I want her sunglasses.

The weekend is almost here. Happy Thursday. XO- Mary


mad men, mad women. part 4: joan harris.

Joan Holloway Harris. (AMC Character Profile)

Sadly this is our last edition of the “Mad Men, Mad Women”. But how better to end it with feisty, beautiful, and witty Joan.

If you want to take a peek at our other Mad Men blog posts, you can check them out here, here, here, and here.

Now we are just living for the premiere of the new season on March 25th.

So, who is your favorite character? Who will you be most excited to welcome back at the premiere?

TGIF and Happy Weekend! XOXO, M & A.

1-Sun Up to Sun Down Dress 2- Work of Heart Dress 

1-Shamrock the Party Dress 2-Day In, Day Out Dress in Periwinkle

1-Variety Store Dress in Solid 2- Modern Day Royalty Dress 

mad men, mad women- part 1: betty draper francis.

From previous posts, like this one and this one, you can tell that we LOVE fashion, TV, and Mad Men. What is great about this particular TV show are the strong characters, especially the female ones. They are intelligent, interesting, and a little bit crazy and their style is incredible. This show has set the precedent for fashion. Banana Republic even created a whole line that was made specifically for Mad Men. Sadly, it is no longer available on the Banana Republic website, but I bet you could find it somewhere on the internet! Stay tuned because this is going to be a four part series- and we are very excited about it! We will show you one of our four favorite characters each week.

Betty Draper Francis (AMC character bio): from the beginning Betty has been a fan-favorite character, even as her character has become crazier and crazier as the seasons go. And from the beginning Betty has shown her elegant and floral-filled wardrobe. Betty would never go out the house without looking perfect- even when she was pregnant Betty made sure that she looked just right.

So, we, again, looked at one of my favorite online clothing stores, Mod Cloth and found some dresses that are very Betty-esque:

(1 Too Much Fun Dress in Blossoms) (2 Centerpiece of my Heart Dress in Bluebell)

(1 Truly Stunning Dress) (2 Pearl Snow Petal Dress)

(1 Lauren Moffatt Fondue Fete Dress)(2 Dice as Nice Dress)

mad men party

ok, confession, like the rest of the world i am absolutely obsessed with amc’s mad men. there is something about these deplorable characters that is extremely intriguing and entertaining. last season’s finale has me in a state of high anticipation of the upcoming season. AND COME ON- janie bryant works magic with the costumes.

well, my friend becca (whose birthday happens to be today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) threw an incredible mad men party in honor of out infatuation with the mad men/ advertising era.

when i walked into her apartment i felt like i had stepped back in time. she and her mom have impeccable taste in anything vintage (and not the kitschy stuff!) and a collection that is every girl’s dream. the dishes, the linen, everything all looked like it came straight out of betty draper’s cabinet. she even made a period worthy jello out of a mold.

and one of the best things– EVERYONE dressed the part. sometimes with parties like this some people don’t feel comfortable dressing up. but everyone did and it made the night seem all the more like we’d stepped back in time.

 jamie and me

some of the girls

louise, becca and me ( aren’t their dresses fabulous– i was super jealous!)

logan, jamie and reed

doin’ the twist and shout

and of course a polaroid to commemorate the night!

all in all, becca knows how to throw a party – even if its set decades before.

(photos via adair mcgregor and becca allen)