three things

ok, so you know there are some of those stores that you admire and admire for a long time but never buy anything from there?

well, confession madewell is that store for. I LOVE THEIR CLOTHES. seriously love them, but i’ve never bought one stitch of clothing from them.

i mean how many times have i posted about their barnwood boot?! i feel like x1000. (here)

i don’t know if its because i’ve never set foot in one of their store or what (pretty sure they have one in ATX too)– but all i do know is that needs to change asap.

i mean, come on! look at those denim shirts! i could practically live in those everyday.

well, anyways, here are three of my favourites (besides the barnwood boot – we all know i love it.) :


via TLLT (madewell) TEALACE TANK

silk tealace tank

via TLLT (madewell) WEDGEvia TLLT (madewell) WEDGE2

the sanddrift platform 

via TLLT (madewell) DENIM1

via TLLT (madewell) DENIM2

rivet & thread popover & western jean shirt in desert willow wash



thought i’d share a few things that were really inspiring to me lately-

via TLLT

(all images can be found on my pinterest)

i’ve been craving order, simplicity, and streamline neatness + tidiness. black and white give me a sense of those things. i like the uniformity it gives.

in order to try and create a little slice of this need for order in my life i’ve started getting rid of tons of stuff at the house. it feels pretty good to get rid of things you never use/ wear.

the most recent thing i’ve done is go through my closet – i have things in there from high school. let the purging begin!


three things

+1– jamie gave me some beautiful flowers for our anniversary and i love having them around– if only i could grow some!


+2– love this “ojos eye cuff” by catbird. wish i was wearing it now!



+3 — love this nail polish color.



ps- if you live in waco, you can now get butter nail polish here!

hope you’re having an awesome thursday!


skull sugar cubes.

i lthink these sugar cubes are pretty awesome. they’re fun and easy–and they add a little bit of spunk to your tea and/or coffee.
here are the steps i took to make mine :

i love skulls so i chose a skull shaped silicone ice cube tray – if you look on amazon they have all kinds of shapes and forms.
making the sugar cubes are pretty easy. the two things you need (besides the ice cube tray) are sugar and water.
use one cup of sugar and one tbsp of water and mix together!
scoop the sugar into the tray using as much or little sugar as desired. i usually fill mine up 1/3 of they way.
let them sit a minute and then put them onto a plate (like the top image) to really dry- about an hour or so.
be careful not to touch them because they will fall apart. the easiest way i’ve found to do this is get a big plate and then flip the tray over on top of the plate.

and viola! next time you have friends over for coffee you’re sure to have the best sugar cubes in town!

xx- adair


three things

this week i’ve been really inspired by some DIY! here are three things i am going to try to do this weekend! hope you’ll be as inspired as i am!

+1- these coasters are great and i feel like i am constantly looking for them around my house.

from poppytalk

+2- i don’t know about you, but i love instagram and i use it all the time. i really love this idea of turning your pictures into pieces you hang on your wall! and i think these look super chic! –like the black & white too.

from jean kirk of ambrosia creative

+3 – i love this idea of changing a plain white tee into some awesome! not sure i feel about the neon, but i want to make one!

from yellow bird +yellow beard

well i hope i’ll have something to show by monday! i’ll have a busy weekend though if i get around to all of these! if you try them let me know.


three things

here are three things i’ve learned about the way that i like to decorate. plus they’re just pretty things i’ve found around the internet that i wanted to share.

hope you’re having an awesome thursday. its been off and on raining/storming here in waco ( it NEVER rains!). i kind of hope it storms again tonight! (…and tomorrow is FRIDAY!).


#1- i love grey ( and the crux symbol). i really like black walls and dark colours, but i can never seem to fully commit to those dark colours. s0- grey is my go to!


grey crux(source: 1 & 2)

#2-so… i go for dark accents– that way i feel like less of a wimp. give me that beautiful floor in the bottom image!moody1


(source: 3 & 4)

#3 …and i just like everything about this room. esp. the chairs!


(source: 5)

four things

because i was so excited about my playlist i forgot yesterday was thursday. and because i want to.

actually i’ve been a little completely off on my days thanks to glorious memorial day. but at this point its friday and that doesn’t really matter anymore. TGIF.

+1– spotted this awesome ipad case on design*sponge  and i thought to myself if i ever get an ipad – this is for sure the case i would have. a girl can dream right?!



+2– i did a little shopping at urban outfitters for our upcoming trip and man did they ship fast!



+3– i forgot to put this band on my playlist yesterday- their name is greylag. **updated the playlist on spotify as well. (photo by parker fitzgerald)

* disclosure- i am not a fan of live music videos or albums -because of all the extra noise, dumb people, etc. but this was the best video i could find.


+4– i was really excited yesterday when victoria of the blog,  sfgirlbybay posted this sneak peek into anna dorfman’s (of door sixteen) beautiful home. so. awesome. (photo by victoria). go check it out!



** and happy wedding day to our friends connor and ashlee! mary is a bridesmaid in the wedding (hence her being m.i.a). jealous i can’t be there to celebrate!



xx- adair

the list.

i hadn’t shared this list yet- but i thought i’d go ahead late rather than never. here is a list of twenty-three goals that i have set for myself to accomplish before i turn 24. hopefully posting it here will keep me accountable and serve as a place to mark off my accomplishments as the year goes by. here’s to a new start.

23 before 24

+ completely decorate our new house

+ take a course on photoshop

+ journal consistently

+ collaborate with Aelish on a project (make something awesome)

+ donate old clothes

+ curate my own show at the museum 

+ throw a fancy dinner party at the house

+ visit a foreign country

+ take a photo a day

+ go camping at enchanted rock

+ make the modern cat quilt

+ save up some money and buy something expensive

+ go on a roadtrip

+ find an extraordinary find at a thrift store/estate sale/flea market

+ make up a recipe from scratch

+ put a ginkgo tree in the yard

+ become a mixologist

+ plant a veggie or herb garden

+ make a shadow box

+ buy more art!

+ go on a romantic date/adventure with jamie

+ go see at least three art exhibitions in the dallas/austin/houston areas

+ have a french bulldog as a pet

so far i’ve completed one. it’s a good start.

xx- adair

instagrams of waco weekend

here are some peeks into our weekend and new house. jamie and i (and the cats) are completely exhausted. moving sucks the life out of you–and this monday morning i’m wishing for an extra day to help me recuperate and/or finish things up. we still have a few things at the old apartment and need to clean it as well some painting to finish up. BUT jamie and i are going home on wednesday for his sister’s wedding, which i am really looking forward to. i’m throwing a lingerie shower with mary at her new house which i’ll get to see for the first time. so here’s to the beginning of this week flying by and the end of it moving wonderfully slowly to soak up some tennessee sun and spend every second with family.