wishlist no. II

…and we’re baaack!  sorry for being gone so long. things have been so crazy since we got back from spain!

but i’m really excited to do this wishlist today.

here are a couple things i’ve spotted lately that i wish i had in my closet. wishlistnoII

(+1 +2 +3 +4)

but the main reason i think that i’m excited about this wishlist in particular is because — you see those really awesome earrings up there (which i just bought. eee!)? my friend callie made them! callie and i spent a summer together in florence- studying and traveling all over italy! it’s easily one of my favourite times in my life –exploring new cultures, eating tons of gelatto and i made some really awesome friends.


(photos via thecallendergirl etsy shop)

callie has recently started a shop full of  jewelry on etsy, which i was thrilled about. callie really has an eye for beautiful things (she’s also a great photographer!) as well as an impeccable sense of style and i can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the future!

so, do yourself a huge favor and go check out her shop: thecallendergirl !

(**also fun fact her first name is callender, how awesome is that?! but she goes by callie!)

mary and i love this shop- obviously my favourites are those up there in my wishlist. and mary’s are these! which ones are your favourites?

xx- adair

what to wear….in barcelona!

hello all! today is an exciting day for mary and me. we are headed to barcelona, spain very soon. our cousin, wake is getting married and so the family is going to make a vacation of it!

here’s an outfit inspiration for a day out in barcelona – shopping (the market!), sightseeing (gaudi!), eating(tapas!), drinking (vino!) and having a merry time!

find them here: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis.

three things

1- in new york i got to see francesca woodman’s photographs and have been inspired by them since

and i’d really like to have this book!

2. i love this beautiful bracelet by stella and dot.

3. been listening to horse feather’s latest album “cynic’s new year”. love them!





chambray, chambray.

chambray is one of my favorite trends. whenever i see someone with it on or whenever i have it on i feel like an outfit with chambray in it is effortlessly stylish.

here are two chambray outfits that i love.

outfit #1:

accessories: i would pair this classic shirt dress with these bright wedges and a simple gold necklace.

1 / 2 / 3

outfit #2:

accessories: i would pair this fun jumper with simple gold earring and a pretty turquoise bangle with neutral wedges.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

do you like these outfits? is this your style? how do you wear chambray?

let us know! happy friday!   xoxo, m and a.

three things

1. these earrings are fabulous! i am obsessed with scarab beetles.

2. this scrabble set will be mine. (thanks madison!)

3. this stuff smells awesome. also- if you live in waco you can get some of the boticario de havana set at glow in spice village.

sources: 1, 2, 3