three things: home decor

one thing that i am absolutely crazy about is home decor. can’t get enough. i feel like i’m going to one of those people who moves all the time just so i can decorate a new space. haha.

here are some of my favourites that i have found lately:

1. these pillows! they might be making an appearance in my house sometime soon.  especially the eye one.

2. this little side table is perfect. the perfect amount of functionality, quirkiness and chicness all wrapped in one. wish he could come home with me!

3. THESE. i am absolutely infatuated with them. i want to hang them in my kitchen asap. i don’t have a green thumb (yet!) and these look pretty hard to kill. so maybe it’d work.

source: 1, 2, 3, 4

 where are your favourite places to shop? lately i’ve really been loving spending time on etsy, ebay, west elm and anthropologie ‘s sites.

xo- A.

the weekend.

Jeremy and I spent the weekend in Clarksville with family. It had been since Christmas since we stayed the weekend with my family and it was relaxing and just what we needed.

On Saturday, our family cat Darcy had to go to the vet. He was sneezing all weekend and it turns out that he had an infection. Bless his heart, but I don’t think that there is anything as funny as a cat sneeze. Our other cat, Bingley, got upset that he couldn’t go in the cat carrier and go for a ride. Silly cat.

We took a little time out of our Saturday to browse Lowes for things for our new house.

We also got dinner with our friend Lauren. Love spending time with her.

We listened to some old tunes circa 1995. Still love you, TLC.

Our sweet baby, Willa. Cannot wait until Jeremy and I have our own weimaraner. Very soon.

There was a little bit of beautiful snow on Sunday. Not the 1-3″ that the weatherman promised, but it was pretty for the little bit it lasted.

And I finally got around to making Gwyneth Paltrow’s brussels sprouts. Her cookbook is my favorite.

It was a wonderful weekend, but we were glad to get back to Nashville.

I am still feeling a bit sick from Friday- hope this goes away soon.

Hope that this Monday is a great start to your week! – Mary