three things

this week i’ve been really inspired by some DIY! here are three things i am going to try to do this weekend! hope you’ll be as inspired as i am!

+1- these coasters are great and i feel like i am constantly looking for them around my house.

from poppytalk

+2- i don’t know about you, but i love instagram and i use it all the time. i really love this idea of turning your pictures into pieces you hang on your wall! and i think these look super chic! –like the black & white too.

from jean kirk of ambrosia creative

+3 – i love this idea of changing a plain white tee into some awesome! not sure i feel about the neon, but i want to make one!

from yellow bird +yellow beard

well i hope i’ll have something to show by monday! i’ll have a busy weekend though if i get around to all of these! if you try them let me know.


three things

here are three diy’s that i’ve been dying to try (especially the last one!)-

#1- spray painted straw baskets

#2- bubbles in natural wool —

#3- cat quilt —

xx- hope you have an awesome thursday. jamie and i have been painting our new house the past few days. and let me tell you, it’s hard work. we’re pretty much painting the whole thing so its taking a lot of time + effort, but it looks so AWESOME. can’t wait to show you soon( probably post instagrams of the move on saturday –that might be in the rain- yipee) !


three things.

here’s three things i’ve fallen in love with lately:

1. i love these painted wooden spoons!

2. saw these awesome skull screen prints by andy warhol at the mcnay yesterday.

3. i am in love with this spring weather going on in texas and this looks like the perfect springtime cocktail. colour and everything!

i’m exploring downtown san antonio today – the riverwalk, the alamo and even drinking some prickly pear margaritas! hope you are having a good thursday!   -A

spring is (officially) here.

happy first day of spring! it’s officially spring, although it decided to show up about a month early. but, no one is complaining here.

we thought we’d celebrate with some lovely things like these.

blueberry cinnamon rolls with orange cream cheese glaze.

fun diy: giant paper flowers.

the prettiest floral wreath.

happy spring!

XO, Mary and Adair


this is a little project that i’ve recently finished and loved and wanted to share! and a little peek into my apartment as well!

in our apartment – i don’t really have too many pictures up (besides on our fridge) so i tried to think of a creative way to incorporate images without looking really vain with pictures of jamie and me plastered everywhere. so i decided to make these cameos. and since we just got married i have a couple of good profile pictures of the two of us! ha!

jamie has an awesome profile — because of his beard. so i did his first (haven’t started on mine yet).

here are the supplies i used:

1-  needles  2-tracing paper (or you could just use a pencil lightly)  3- cotton fabric 4- hoop  5- embroidery thread  (i also used this template for the border — they have lots of other options too!)

pretty much all you do is trace the image you want on the fabric and then stitch away, and viola you’re finished!

oranges and cloves.

My favorite Christmas tradition is to make these oranges. I can remember back when we were little my mom showing us how to make these. The smell means Christmas to me. Martha Stewart has a “how to” on her website here. Her “pomanders” look very beautiful and very  elegant. I like to be a little more free style about it. Making different designs- like a chevron, stars, swirls, etc.  If you are looking for a new holiday tradition, you might want to try it out. Your house will smell incredible for days. Promise.

christmas decorations part 1

As soon as Thanksgiving was over, I started putting up Christmas decorations. Most of my decorations are handmade and I got a lot of my ideas from my girl, Martha. All in all, I had a lot of fun decorating for our first Christmas together. How did you decorate this year?

be magnetic…

hello all! hope you had a good weekend. they always seem to be too short though.

here’s a diy i created and they make for great christmas presents/stocking of my favourite apps on my i-phone is instagram. it such an awesome way to share what’s going on in your life as well as document it! i got my instagrams printed here –the miniprints ($12). and the rest is in the step-by-step images…

Here’s what you’re going to need:

** make sure that you don’t cut too close and that you seal them well- i made this mistake the first round and they came apart, but its an easy fix- just put them through another pouch and good as new.

and there you have it! an awesome way to fill the blank space on your fridge too! i hope you enjoyed this DIY and it will help you with some of your christmas presents (if you’re going to –order soon because i remember it taking a bit to get to me)!

DIY: dry erase board

I am a firm believer in no Christmas music, decoration, or treats until after Santa Claus makes it down the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Adair is the opposite, she started listening to holiday tunes before Halloween.) But, I have been thinking of gift giving and what crafty things that I could make this year.

This idea actually turned into my little sister’s birthday present (her birthday is today! yay!), but you can definitely use it to mark off one of your Christmas gifts. In fact, Adair and I will share lots of DIYs to help get you ready for the Christmas season- so stay tuned.

I will be the first to tell you that I am not crafty- AT ALL. But, I believe that this is due to my confidence level and not my ability level. I will never be as artistic as my twin, but I believe that everyone can be crafty. And this DIY is so simple and easy- it will make anyone look like they are a crafty goddess. So here it is.


Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than that. Side note: I picked out two pretty papers so that Lillie can switch it out when she wants to.

I got the frame from Hobby Lobby– take advantage of their 50% off deals (they post their deals online and in the newspaper)! And I got the paper from our newest paper store in Nashville: The Paper Source.

(Also, earlier on my previous blog I shared how to make a chalkboard as well. It is just as easy. Click here to check it out.)

Well, Happy 15th, Lillie! I can’t believe that you are that old. You are the best little sister in the world and I am so thankful for you. Adair and I love you so much.

Have fun creating!

Love, Mary