DIY: dry erase board

I am a firm believer in no Christmas music, decoration, or treats until after Santa Claus makes it down the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Adair is the opposite, she started listening to holiday tunes before Halloween.) But, I have been thinking of gift giving and what crafty things that I could make this year.

This idea actually turned into my little sister’s birthday present (her birthday is today! yay!), but you can definitely use it to mark off one of your Christmas gifts. In fact, Adair and I will share lots of DIYs to help get you ready for the Christmas season- so stay tuned.

I will be the first to tell you that I am not crafty- AT ALL. But, I believe that this is due to my confidence level and not my ability level. I will never be as artistic as my twin, but I believe that everyone can be crafty. And this DIY is so simple and easy- it will make anyone look like they are a crafty goddess. So here it is.


Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than that. Side note: I picked out two pretty papers so that Lillie can switch it out when she wants to.

I got the frame from Hobby Lobby– take advantage of their 50% off deals (they post their deals online and in the newspaper)! And I got the paper from our newest paper store in Nashville: The Paper Source.

(Also, earlier on my previous blog I shared how to make a chalkboard as well. It is just as easy. Click here to check it out.)

Well, Happy 15th, Lillie! I can’t believe that you are that old. You are the best little sister in the world and I am so thankful for you. Adair and I love you so much.

Have fun creating!

Love, Mary


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