happy friday!


here are some instagrams from my week (anniversary week)! i want to hold onto these days for forever. time seems to be flying by lately. slow down father time!

xoxo- adair


ps- check out my awesome new lila rice earrings! 🙂

i’ve been lusting after them for months and months. and somebody got them for me (hint: cutie in the new sunglasses below!)





what to wear….in barcelona!

hello all! today is an exciting day for mary and me. we are headed to barcelona, spain very soon. our cousin, wake is getting married and so the family is going to make a vacation of it!

here’s an outfit inspiration for a day out in barcelona – shopping (the market!), sightseeing (gaudi!), eating(tapas!), drinking (vino!) and having a merry time!

find them here: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis.

warby parker

hey, remember warby parker from this post about lucy chadwick?

welp, since i am in desperate need for a new pair of glasses, i just ordered my free home try-on glasses from them! i can’t wait to get them in the mail!

these are the ones that i ordered:

1- webb 2- zagg 3- finn 4- japhy 5- colton

gah, i love them all! which ones should i get?! i need your help!