three things. well, sort of and a day late.

total confession. this three things really isn’t a three things. it is more of an ode to kourtney kardashian. seriously love her. style icon.

(alothough she is being a little crazier on this season of keeping up with the kardashians. i hope that pregnancy doesn’t make me go that crazy. yikes.)

if i had to make it three things then here it is.

1. her style is perfection. classic with an eclectic flair.

2. she has the best sunglasses around

3. and her make-up is flawless.

anyone  else in love with kourtney and her syle?!


three things

+1– jamie gave me some beautiful flowers for our anniversary and i love having them around– if only i could grow some!


+2– love this “ojos eye cuff” by catbird. wish i was wearing it now!



+3 — love this nail polish color.



ps- if you live in waco, you can now get butter nail polish here!

hope you’re having an awesome thursday!


skull sugar cubes.

i lthink these sugar cubes are pretty awesome. they’re fun and easy–and they add a little bit of spunk to your tea and/or coffee.
here are the steps i took to make mine :

i love skulls so i chose a skull shaped silicone ice cube tray – if you look on amazon they have all kinds of shapes and forms.
making the sugar cubes are pretty easy. the two things you need (besides the ice cube tray) are sugar and water.
use one cup of sugar and one tbsp of water and mix together!
scoop the sugar into the tray using as much or little sugar as desired. i usually fill mine up 1/3 of they way.
let them sit a minute and then put them onto a plate (like the top image) to really dry- about an hour or so.
be careful not to touch them because they will fall apart. the easiest way i’ve found to do this is get a big plate and then flip the tray over on top of the plate.

and viola! next time you have friends over for coffee you’re sure to have the best sugar cubes in town!

xx- adair


a little rest.

we have been crazy busy this spring and summer. weddings, travel, family time…we rarely have a weekend where there is nothing planned. but this weekend we planned to have no plans. and it was perfect.

we did have friends over friday night for some burgers, but other than that jeremy and i stayed at home a relaxed. we pretty much hibernated inside to stay away from the heat. my mom came up briefly to do some shopping for our upcoming trip ( i started thinking about packing for our upcoming trip = dramatic skype sesh with adair), jeremy watched some soccer, i watched a keeping up with the kardashians marathon (sorry, mom. :))and we took henry on plenty of walks (his favorite- besides hogging the couch).

its nice just to spend time together and rest up. it’s good for you just to take it slow and recharge.

hope that you had an equally relaxing weekend.

happy monday. xo, mary.

(for someone who “doesn’t know what he’s doing” on the grill, this guy makes a mean burger.)

(we ventured out to centennial park to get a sno cone from retro sno. our neighbor friends own this wonderful food truck and its so yummy. you have to have the raspberry wedding cake. it is heaven in a cup.)

(family time. i know i show soooo many pictures of this guy- esp on instagram- but seriously, he’s the best. we don’t know what we’d do without him. he brings so much joy.)

happy friday!


here are some instagrams from my week (anniversary week)! i want to hold onto these days for forever. time seems to be flying by lately. slow down father time!

xoxo- adair


ps- check out my awesome new lila rice earrings! 🙂

i’ve been lusting after them for months and months. and somebody got them for me (hint: cutie in the new sunglasses below!)




three things.

summer style needs to be so simple and easy. sometimes i think we make things more complicated than they need to be. i am completely in love with all of these clothes. obsessed. what could be better than these three things?!

have a wonderful thursday!

xo- mary

this is my new current obsession. the peachy, coral ombre of this dress is absolutely perfect. it needs to be in my closet ASAP.


normally, i am not a romper-loving girl, but i think that anyone would love this beauty. it looks so comfy. the pattern is to die for. ps- its hand printed.


this little number from ASOS is only $36. Seriously?!


three things

this week i’ve been really inspired by some DIY! here are three things i am going to try to do this weekend! hope you’ll be as inspired as i am!

+1- these coasters are great and i feel like i am constantly looking for them around my house.

from poppytalk

+2- i don’t know about you, but i love instagram and i use it all the time. i really love this idea of turning your pictures into pieces you hang on your wall! and i think these look super chic! –like the black & white too.

from jean kirk of ambrosia creative

+3 – i love this idea of changing a plain white tee into some awesome! not sure i feel about the neon, but i want to make one!

from yellow bird +yellow beard

well i hope i’ll have something to show by monday! i’ll have a busy weekend though if i get around to all of these! if you try them let me know.