carry-on essentials

when we travel, we try to carry as few things as possible. but some things you just have to have. like…

the perfect, neutral bag.

filled with…

a good magazine (real simple for mary and dwell for adair), neutrogena face wipes, and loreal’s lip tinted lip balm (in caring coral and pink satin).

you also need the perfect slouchy tee and over-sized sunnies a-la the kardashians and mary-kate and ashley.

these are just a few of our favorite things to take. what do you take in your carry-on?

xo- m & a.



we have a girl crush.

it started out with a girl crush on our fav twin celebs mary-kate and ashley way back in the day. (we highly recommend their early movies holiday in the sun, passport to paris, when in rome, and winning london. :))

we still love mary kate and ashley and they are even cooler than they were when they were in their prime-time. (when was their prime time? watch the movies. you will see.)

we were satisfied. we LOVE them and they are two of the biggest fashion icons of our generation.

but, sadly, they are not our newest obsession. that title is taken by another olsen. their younger sister elizabeth.

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three things

here are three of my favourite things lately:

  1. this video of ellie goulding

        2.  these paintings(mainly watercolours) by Charles Burchfield

The Song of the Katydid on an August morning, 1917

April Mood, 1946-55

The First Hepaticas, 1917-18

Wallpaper designs

           3. this picture of mary kate and ashley