three things

+1– jamie gave me some beautiful flowers for our anniversary and i love having them around– if only i could grow some!


+2– love this “ojos eye cuff” by catbird. wish i was wearing it now!



+3 — love this nail polish color.



ps- if you live in waco, you can now get butter nail polish here!

hope you’re having an awesome thursday!


three things.

the weather in nashville indicates that spring is most definitely on the way. flowers are popping up everywhere and even the trees are blooming. the weather coupled with some things that i have found on the internet have been inspiring me and my spring-like thoughts.

i hope that you find them inspiring as well.


i am obsessed with this painting. i would love to have something like this in my home. lovers by jarek puczel.


i love flowers, especially these pastel beauties. this time of year i take an extra long stroll through the flower section at trader joe’s. i found these on pinterest and think that they are divine.


lauren moffatt spring 2012 collection. i want it all in my closet right now. these are my very favorite pieces.

i hope that you have a lovely thursday, m.

three things

here are three things i’ve been thinking about all day:
1- this lovely orange hue. i can’t get enough of it.

2- spring. some fresh flowers to brighten things up.

3- its freezing here in tx and i’d love this cozy thing.

all images found via my pinterest

xx – adair