the emmys 2012

well, we’re baaaaaaack. kinda. we are in the process of re-vamping the loveliest little things and that is why we’ve taken kind of a hiatus. so sorry. we will be back in full force soonish.

but, what better to bring us back than the emmys 2012. anybody watch that red carpet?! we think some stylists are about to get fired because although there were good dresses- over all it was a GIGANTIC MESS. there were more bad then good.

we love a good red carpet. you can see our other fashion police critiques here, here, and here.

all photos can be found here.

here are our favorites:

Jessica Pare in Jason Wu

Julianne Moor in Christian Dior Couture

kelly osbourne in zac posen

ginnifer goodwin in monique lhullier.

leslie mann in naeem khan

and our not-so-favorites:

january jones in zac posen.

we love this dress. but would you have been able to tell that this was january?! probably not. the styling of this look killed this gorgeous zac posen. all she had to do was tone down on the eyeliner and actually wash her hair.

elizabeth moss in dolce and gabana.

seriously?! just no. never. we do like your bleach blonde hair, though, elizabeth.

kristen wiig in balenciaga

kristen has a picnic to be at after the emmys. excuse her.

this is james van der veek’s date and are unsure of what designer she is wearing.

you are lucky enough to be at a red carpet and this is what you decide to wear this get up? and you are with james van der veek. we are sorry.

ashley judd in carolina herrera.

this has to be the ugliest dress/ styling that we have seen in a while. your hair. that flower. jewelry. shoes. ashley, the only good thing we can say is that we don’t hate your clutch. we are dying inside that this is a carolina herrera.

we would now like to take this time to give some special props to kat dennings for actually trying this year when it came to the red carpet. you’ve come a long way, ms. dennings. and if it weren’t for the ungodly amount of cleavage showing, you would have looked great. maybe next time, right?

before at the people’s choice awards back in january:

after (much better, right?):



around this time of year, i always get a new planner. i guess, it’s always with the changing of the school year- even thought i’m not in school. new planner in august. new calendar in january. confession, i live circa the dark ages. yes, i still use a planner. i have tried to move from using a planner to having my schedule all on my computer and phone, but it just doesn’t work. i keep a much more detailed schedule in my planner and put important things on my phone so that it can pop up as a notification reminder.

i just can’t give up my planner. anybody else like me!? there is just something about having it all down on paper. something about writing it down.

but as i have been searching for my new planner, i have realized how picky i really am about what my planner looks like and how it functions. are you like this, too? well, in my search i have found some pretty cool ones and thought that i’d share- for those of you still in the dark ages with me.

Of course, Martha Stewart has a DIY on making a leather planner. Martha, just come out with a planner already. We all know it would be perfect.

these planners from poketo are completely customizable. and HOW CUTE. that pink one is to die for.

both of these planners can be found at the paper source, which is easily one of my favorite stores to browse around for hours.

and this is possibly the cutest thing that i have ever found on pinterest. blogger of take two they’re small is brilliant.

what is your favorite planner? i’d love to know!  have a wonderful wednesday- the work week is half way over! yay!



thought i’d share a few things that were really inspiring to me lately-

via TLLT

(all images can be found on my pinterest)

i’ve been craving order, simplicity, and streamline neatness + tidiness. black and white give me a sense of those things. i like the uniformity it gives.

in order to try and create a little slice of this need for order in my life i’ve started getting rid of tons of stuff at the house. it feels pretty good to get rid of things you never use/ wear.

the most recent thing i’ve done is go through my closet – i have things in there from high school. let the purging begin!


summer days…

summer is one of my favorite seasons, but once it hits july and august it is TOO HOT unless you are by a pool. and i have been so busy this summer that i have not had the chance to take a day and relax by the pool.

next week, we are headed down to south georgia for one of our very best friend’s wedding. when we are not at wedding festivities, i plan on relaxing at the pool and the beach in all my spare time! cannot wait! our trip to spain was very busy and such an adventure, so i am looking forward to some r & r in georgia.

what is your favorite way to relax during the summer time?

happy wednesday, mary.

wishlist no. II

…and we’re baaack!  sorry for being gone so long. things have been so crazy since we got back from spain!

but i’m really excited to do this wishlist today.

here are a couple things i’ve spotted lately that i wish i had in my closet. wishlistnoII

(+1 +2 +3 +4)

but the main reason i think that i’m excited about this wishlist in particular is because — you see those really awesome earrings up there (which i just bought. eee!)? my friend callie made them! callie and i spent a summer together in florence- studying and traveling all over italy! it’s easily one of my favourite times in my life –exploring new cultures, eating tons of gelatto and i made some really awesome friends.


(photos via thecallendergirl etsy shop)

callie has recently started a shop full of  jewelry on etsy, which i was thrilled about. callie really has an eye for beautiful things (she’s also a great photographer!) as well as an impeccable sense of style and i can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the future!

so, do yourself a huge favor and go check out her shop: thecallendergirl !

(**also fun fact her first name is callender, how awesome is that?! but she goes by callie!)

mary and i love this shop- obviously my favourites are those up there in my wishlist. and mary’s are these! which ones are your favourites?

xx- adair

fourth of july

4thofJ TLLTfirecracker ice pops // red, white and blueberry pops

hope you are having a great day! go make and enjoy these yummy fouth inspired popsicles via martha stewart (how can you go wrong?).

instead of these popsicles (which we are going to try to make as soon as we get home), we’re enjoying some spanish gelatto — which doesn’t carry any of the same ‘merica look and feel, but we’re still thinking about our good ol’ u.s.a today.

xoxo- m+a

carry-on essentials

when we travel, we try to carry as few things as possible. but some things you just have to have. like…

the perfect, neutral bag.

filled with…

a good magazine (real simple for mary and dwell for adair), neutrogena face wipes, and loreal’s lip tinted lip balm (in caring coral and pink satin).

you also need the perfect slouchy tee and over-sized sunnies a-la the kardashians and mary-kate and ashley.

these are just a few of our favorite things to take. what do you take in your carry-on?

xo- m & a.