moving day

hey all–


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-m +a


wedding time.

hello! this past weekend mary and i have been away in jekyll island, ga at our good friend lauren’s wedding!  she looked divine and her wedding was a nautical dream– complete with navy monograms, seersucker bridesmaids dresses and lawn games (croquet + bocce ball)! seriously, martha stewart would be impressed.

anyways, here are some pictures from the weekend. hope you had one as filled with love, laughter, and friends (that are like family) as we did!

– adair

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tomorrow i’m headed to nashville and couldn’t be more excited! wednesday= friday for me. yay!

mary, jeremy, jamie, and i are going on a roadtrip from nashville to georgia.

i’m going to be honest- i’m not too fond of roadtrips. i’d much rather fly. wouldn’t you?

i’ve asked everyone create their own playlist– so hopefully that will prove to be at the least entertaining.

any suggestions for a good roadtrip song?

happy tuesday!


a little rest.

we have been crazy busy this spring and summer. weddings, travel, family time…we rarely have a weekend where there is nothing planned. but this weekend we planned to have no plans. and it was perfect.

we did have friends over friday night for some burgers, but other than that jeremy and i stayed at home a relaxed. we pretty much hibernated inside to stay away from the heat. my mom came up briefly to do some shopping for our upcoming trip ( i started thinking about packing for our upcoming trip = dramatic skype sesh with adair), jeremy watched some soccer, i watched a keeping up with the kardashians marathon (sorry, mom. :))and we took henry on plenty of walks (his favorite- besides hogging the couch).

its nice just to spend time together and rest up. it’s good for you just to take it slow and recharge.

hope that you had an equally relaxing weekend.

happy monday. xo, mary.

(for someone who “doesn’t know what he’s doing” on the grill, this guy makes a mean burger.)

(we ventured out to centennial park to get a sno cone from retro sno. our neighbor friends own this wonderful food truck and its so yummy. you have to have the raspberry wedding cake. it is heaven in a cup.)

(family time. i know i show soooo many pictures of this guy- esp on instagram- but seriously, he’s the best. we don’t know what we’d do without him. he brings so much joy.)

instagrams of waco weekend

here are some peeks into our weekend and new house. jamie and i (and the cats) are completely exhausted. moving sucks the life out of you–and this monday morning i’m wishing for an extra day to help me recuperate and/or finish things up. we still have a few things at the old apartment and need to clean it as well some painting to finish up. BUT jamie and i are going home on wednesday for his sister’s wedding, which i am really looking forward to. i’m throwing a lingerie shower with mary at her new house which i’ll get to see for the first time. so here’s to the beginning of this week flying by and the end of it moving wonderfully slowly to soak up some tennessee sun and spend every second with family.



the weekend.

here are some photos from the weekend. some are from instagram (my username is: marybchandler if you want to follow along) and some are from my nikon.

i hope that you also had a lovely weekend. let us know what you did!  -mary.

new house + goofy pup named henry + the most beautiful garden roses from adair and jamie + west nashville farmer’s market + strawberries = the things that make a weekend perfect.

weekend trip!

i’m back from nyc!
what an awesome trip(for work!). so much art. so many museums. so much fun.
here are some photos from the trip!

this is the morgan hotel — the whole hotel was decorated in black and white with pops of red. and each room had an original robert mapplethorpe b&w photo! it doesn’t get much better than that.

these are just a taste of the art work we got to see! some of my favourites klimt, picasso and warhol- love his skull series!

we went to so many museum — the met, guggenheim, the neue, MoMA, storm king, the earth room, dia beacon, the whitney and tons of chelsea galleries!

and you know i had to get some cupcakes from magnolia bakery!

beautiful grand central!

and at the end of our trip we missed our flight back to waco and had to drive home, which was kind of a bummer, but we made up for it by stopping at in-n-out at 1am! ha!


strawberry pickin’

on thursday, my mom, little sister, and i went to the strawberry patch and picked 8 gallons of berries. yes, 8 gallons. my mom always makes the best strawberry jam- that everyone tries to get their hands on. 🙂

i, on the other hand, always make strawberry pie. yum, yum, yum. it’s oh so good.

this is one of my favorite times of the year. although it was three weeks early this year because of the crazy weather. here are some pictures we snapped and thought that you might enjoy taking a peek.

and also, you need to have to have this pie recipe. i am not one of those people that hides my recipes deep away in a dark, dark cavern so that no one ever knows them ever. good food is meant to be shared. enough said.

Strawberry Pie (from Betty Crocker, the miracle worker)

Oven: 425 degrees for 35-45 minutes

Ingredients: 1 cup of sugar (it’s just as good with splenda!), 5 tablespoons flour, 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and 4 cups strawberries, two sheets of Pillsbury crust.

(Side: You can make your own crust, but I use Pillsbury pre-packaged dough- it’s just as good and looks great. Homemade dough is not worth the tears. Trust me.)

Place the first crust neatly in the pie pan. Next mix all the ingredients together and place on the crust. Cover up the berries with the second crust. Pinch dough shut and make slits on top of the dough. (You know, just like the birds in Snow White. Haha.) Place the pie dish on a cookie sheet in case the juices bubble over the pie crust. It makes clean up a whole lot easier.

Bake for 35-45 minutes at 425 degrees and then let cool. Serve warm with a side of vanilla bean ice cream. You are welcome.

Hope this brightens your Monday. xo- Mary

PS- stay tuned for pictures and an update from Adair about her trip to New York City!

We’ve Moved & We’d Like to Introduce You To…

Well, we did it. We have moved into our new house. Luckily, Jeremy and I will not be going through that process any time in the near future. Yuck. Thanks to my in-laws and my family, we are finally finished.

We still have a ton of work to do and we have to some furniture to buy. We doubled our living space, so that house is kind of bare, but I have a plan and we are working on it! In the next few weeks I think that I am going to feature our new space and give you guys a peek! I always love looking at home decor and how people decorate their houses.

and a little sneak peek into my kitchen!

And now, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Chandler clan…


He is the sweetest baby, who loves every single person he meets. We rescued him from a local Weimaraner Rescue program. They were incredible to work with and were so helpful. I HIGHLY recommend rescuing an animal over getting a puppy. These dogs have been abused and/or were taken out of a difficult situation.

Our sweet pup had a really mean previous owner who threatened to kill him and poor little Henry was very malnourished when he got to the Kennel that has been his home for the past few months. But he is now in his prime and loves life. All that to say, please consider rescuing/adopting a pet and giving these sweet animals a second chance. We all deserve a second chance and a forever family.


Jeremy and I watched Girl with A Dragon Tattoo last night. I read the book and loved it. I knew which scenes that I needed to skip (there is an intense rape scene), but I was disappointed in the movie. I know they had to cut out things for the sake of time, but geez. I felt like it was a watered down version of which I saw ENTIRELY too much of Rooney Mara (full frontal, no thanks.) I thought the actors were great-it was perfectly cast and it was beautifully filmed, but unless you read the books I think you might have been confused on why it was such a good story. Anyone else feel the same?

okay, rant over. just thought someone else might have similar thoughts.

have a wonderful tuesday. – m.