three things.

picked these beauties up on an evening walk. they wanted to say, “in case you didn’t know…autumn is on its way!!!”

found this on pinterest this week. love the simplicity of the styling. so carefree and so chic. and someone needs to buy me those sunnies.

lovely time with lovely friends. love you, courtney and ashlee.


ceremonial collection



bona drag ceremonial collection via TLLTbona drag ceremonial collection via TLLT



bona drag ceremonial collection via TLLTbona drag ceremonial collection via TLLT



bona drag ceremonial collection via TLLTbona drag ceremonial collection via TLLT



bona drag ceremonial collection via TLLT

ok, ok. i know i’ve already gotten married, BUT LOOK AT THIS COLLECTION by bona drag. it is to die for. i’d wear any of these guys (esp. the 1st pairing and the last). click the link to see the rest of the collection (yes! this isn’t all of it.)

also- a side note on that beautiful serpent ring: i learned from my friend courtney that queen victoria wore a similar ring and it was a popular wedding band during victorian times! i would love to have that on my finger. and how cool to wear the same type ring as queen victoria?

hope you’re having a happy wednesday and are as inspired by the beauty above as i am!

– adair

three things

hello! happy thursday!

1- i just ordered this book. i’m always up for new recipes and cookbooks! my mother in-law started my collection and i’ve totally become a cookbook addict!

2- so, i lost my make-up bag on the way to spain. at the time i thought it was the worst thing that could possibly happen, BUT to be honest its given me a chance to research and find awesome new beauty products that i love. and this bb cream by dr. jart is a new favourite.

3- ok, confession. i LOVE netflix. jamie and i have been watching dawson’s creek, but lately i’ve started watching felicity and i’m loving it. ben is pretty dreamy and the late 90’s and early 2000’s were absolutely awesome. do you have any old shows that you watch?


three things +

+1 – my friend beth had this nail polish on last weekend and i fell in love with it. looked all over for it — and finally ordered some online. should be here soon it’s called bikini-so-teeny!

+2 – because even though it is the worst day ever doesn’t mean you can’t go through it stylishly.



+3 – fell in love with this cuff by youngfrankk




happy thursday!



three things

+1– jamie gave me some beautiful flowers for our anniversary and i love having them around– if only i could grow some!


+2– love this “ojos eye cuff” by catbird. wish i was wearing it now!



+3 — love this nail polish color.



ps- if you live in waco, you can now get butter nail polish here!

hope you’re having an awesome thursday!


three things

here are three divinely lovely things that i’ve come across lately—-

+1 — this high backed couch is so absolutely wonderful. i don’t think it’d fit in at my house, but i’d take it anyways.

+2 — these invitations. i cannot get over how cool they are. if i’d only known of quill & fox when i was getting married.

+3 — these are instagrams of amy merrick’s floral designs. i follow her blog & twitter and cannot fathom being around such lovelies on a daily basis – and not to mention how wonderful they probably smell.



happy thursday — tomorrow is friday and begins a long weekend! yay!



hair inspiration: rodarte

i have been swooning over these photos for months. i everything about love rodarte, but i truly fell head-over-heels with this hair inspiration. absolutely romantic, dreamy and all in all GORGEOUS.  hope you love it as much as i do. its a perfect style to try and recreate for a formal or wedding!

xx- A









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it’s time for a change…

…in my hair.
i love it long (and i’m still a little too chicken to do anything drastic quite yet), buuut it’s getting kind blah.
so. this is what i’m thinking–

let’s give it this lovely ‘v’ in the back. perfect and necessary layers for summer. and let’s lighten it up. not sure about doing this ombre, but i want to lighten it so that it can get even lighter in the texas summer sun.

what’s you favourite summer hair?



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