it’s time for a change…

…in my hair.
i love it long (and i’m still a little too chicken to do anything drastic quite yet), buuut it’s getting kind blah.
so. this is what i’m thinking–

let’s give it this lovely ‘v’ in the back. perfect and necessary layers for summer. and let’s lighten it up. not sure about doing this ombre, but i want to lighten it so that it can get even lighter in the texas summer sun.

what’s you favourite summer hair?



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warby parker

hey, remember warby parker from this post about lucy chadwick?

welp, since i am in desperate need for a new pair of glasses, i just ordered my free home try-on glasses from them! i can’t wait to get them in the mail!

these are the ones that i ordered:

1- webb 2- zagg 3- finn 4- japhy 5- colton

gah, i love them all! which ones should i get?! i need your help!



An Introduction.

Welcome to our newest endeavor. We are really excited to share this blog with you. This blog is about two sisters, twins actually, who both recently got married and live in two different states. We started this lifestyle blog as a way to share what we are currently obsessed with- recipes, favorite things, fashion, creative projects, home decor, etc.

Stay tuned for some fun.

We hope that you will enjoy.

– M & A.