Three Things/ Picnic.

I love picnics and have been wanting to plan one sometime soon. I am a wimp- so it has to get a little warmer here in Nashville. It needs to consistently be around 68 degrees for more than 24 hours.

There really is nothing better than lounging on a comfy blanket, relaxing, and sipping on some sweet tea with lemon. Is there anything better? Probably not, unless said picnic was at the beach.

Do you like picnics? What is your favorite thing about picnic days? What is your favorite thing to bring?

1. The blanket.

I am in love with these organic blankets.

and these fun prints, especially the seagulls.

2. The basket.

This basket is so vintage and romantic and it obviously holds the yummiest foods. (This site actually has some really yummy picnic menus and recipes- definitely worth a try!)

3. The dress.

You obviously have to be stylish and comfy while relaxing at the picnic and ModCloth has some great options. Any of these three would be perfect.

The Strawberry Sundae Dress

The Aye, Aye Cutie Dress

The Sunlight Up My Life Dress

I hope this has inspired you to get out and have a picnic of your own. XO-M.


three things

#1- i’m loving these longer skirts!

#2 – if i had a million dollars –i’m pretty sure i’d buy this rug 1st thing.

#3-  i have total hair envy. i’m really tempted to cut my hair like this. and dye it this colour. should i?! should i?!

sources: 1 (skirt 1 and skirt 2 ), 2, 3

xx- adair

mad men, mad women. part 4: joan harris.

Joan Holloway Harris. (AMC Character Profile)

Sadly this is our last edition of the “Mad Men, Mad Women”. But how better to end it with feisty, beautiful, and witty Joan.

If you want to take a peek at our other Mad Men blog posts, you can check them out here, here, here, and here.

Now we are just living for the premiere of the new season on March 25th.

So, who is your favorite character? Who will you be most excited to welcome back at the premiere?

TGIF and Happy Weekend! XOXO, M & A.

1-Sun Up to Sun Down Dress 2- Work of Heart Dress 

1-Shamrock the Party Dress 2-Day In, Day Out Dress in Periwinkle

1-Variety Store Dress in Solid 2- Modern Day Royalty Dress