eight etsy finds:

1. i would love to find this little guy in a corner of my house.

2. gingko trees are my favourite.

3. i can imagine myself wearing this romantic little number.

4. i love this clock and love this colour.

5. confession: i’m obsessed with cats and this is purrrfection. haha.

6. this is probably one of the cutest things i’ve seen in a while.

7. can you imagine owning a pair of these?! i’d wear them every day. seriously.

8. this table is to die for.

12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

xx- adair


mad men, mad women- part 1: betty draper francis.

From previous posts, like this one and this one, you can tell that we LOVE fashion, TV, and Mad Men. What is great about this particular TV show are the strong characters, especially the female ones. They are intelligent, interesting, and a little bit crazy and their style is incredible. This show has set the precedent for fashion. Banana Republic even created a whole line that was made specifically for Mad Men. Sadly, it is no longer available on the Banana Republic website, but I bet you could find it somewhere on the internet! Stay tuned because this is going to be a four part series- and we are very excited about it! We will show you one of our four favorite characters each week.

Betty Draper Francis (AMC character bio): from the beginning Betty has been a fan-favorite character, even as her character has become crazier and crazier as the seasons go. And from the beginning Betty has shown her elegant and floral-filled wardrobe. Betty would never go out the house without looking perfect- even when she was pregnant Betty made sure that she looked just right.

So, we, again, looked at one of my favorite online clothing stores, Mod Cloth and found some dresses that are very Betty-esque:

(1 Too Much Fun Dress in Blossoms) (2 Centerpiece of my Heart Dress in Bluebell)

(1 Truly Stunning Dress) (2 Pearl Snow Petal Dress)

(1 Lauren Moffatt Fondue Fete Dress)(2 Dice as Nice Dress)