what to wear….in barcelona!

hello all! today is an exciting day for mary and me. we are headed to barcelona, spain very soon. our cousin, wake is getting married and so the family is going to make a vacation of it!

here’s an outfit inspiration for a day out in barcelona – shopping (the market!), sightseeing (gaudi!), eating(tapas!), drinking (vino!) and having a merry time!

find them here: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis.

it’s time for a change…

…in my hair.
i love it long (and i’m still a little too chicken to do anything drastic quite yet), buuut it’s getting kind blah.
so. this is what i’m thinking–

let’s give it this lovely ‘v’ in the back. perfect and necessary layers for summer. and let’s lighten it up. not sure about doing this ombre, but i want to lighten it so that it can get even lighter in the texas summer sun.

what’s you favourite summer hair?



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This has never happened to me before. I am not a summer kind-of-a girl. Let me clarify. I love the ocean with my whole heart. If I had to choose one place to be it would be at a beach somewhere. But, summer is not my favorite. It’s hot and I don’t like to sweat unless I am working out. I am more of a fall and spring kind-of-a-girl.

But this year is different. It is January 24th. I don’t want spring. I am CRAVING summer. I may just miss this:

and this:

Or maybe it’s because we have a lot of traveling to do this summer with vacations and all the weddings.

Either way, the facts are the same. It’s January 24th and I want summer.

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