for auld lang syne…


here’s one of my favourite videos/songs of 2011. enjoy!

gotye – somebody that i used to know

xx, adair


warby parker

hey, remember warby parker from this post about lucy chadwick?

welp, since i am in desperate need for a new pair of glasses, i just ordered my free home try-on glasses from them! i can’t wait to get them in the mail!

these are the ones that i ordered:

1- webb 2- zagg 3- finn 4- japhy 5- colton

gah, i love them all! which ones should i get?! i need your help!



say no to resolutions.

I have decided that I do not like the word resolutions. It may be because I have a hard time keeping New Year’s resolution (along with 95% of everyone). It may be because most resolutions are hard to keep. I prefer something a little more attainable, more simple, more focused. I prefer to call them NEW YEAR GOALS. One day about a week ago I sat down with a piping hot cup of raspberry green tea (my favorite!) and started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish, achieve, and do in 2012.

Do you take some time out of the busy last weeks of December and dream about the New Year? I hope so! It’s good to reflect, meditate, pray, and wish for the best for a fresh start. It is good to look back on mistakes and/or hard times to learn from them so that they can make us better. Here is a peak at my list:

Let us know what your 2012 goals are!!

mary + adair love…

This year, it seemed like we were obsessed with one thing: fragrance. Wether it was candles or perfume, we wanted it all. We are very intrigued by the new fragrance stores that are popping up all over the States like this one in East Village in New York City. They have every fragrance that you can imagine and they will let you put them together and create you own unique fragrance that is all about you.

When I walk into a store with perfume or candles, I have to smell all of the fragrances. Adair loves more of the musky tones and I prefer more of the light, floral scents. I think that the scents that you like say a lot about personality and I am always curious to see what each person prefers. Here are a few of our favorites.

1- Lafco NewYork candle in Chamomile Lavender (Master Bedroom) 2-Volcano candle Capri Blue

3- Bvlgari Perfume No.2 4-Happ & Stahns 1842 Rose Alba

1- Flora by Gucci 2-Tocca in Cleopatra

3- Nest Candle in Wild Oats and Bourbon 4- Votivo Candle in Red Currant

What are your favorite scents, candles, or perfumes? Let us know! I love finding new favorites! xo, Mary

sticky buns.

Sticky Buns are a gift from heaven. Ooey, gooey, sugary, cinnamon-y, (sans raisins, please!) and made of all things wonderful. They literally melt in your mouth. They also are made of everything that you aren’t supposed to eat- puff pastry, sugar, brown sugar, butter, butter, and oh, some more butter. Because of this, our family reserves these babies for the best meal of the year: Christmas Brunch. But, if we are all being honest, we would all agree that they are worth every single, sticky bite. Even our sweet Weimaraner, Willa, wanted a bite. The master, Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa, has the best (and easiest) recipe for Sticky Buns.

A special thanks to Jeremy for taking the pictures while my mom and I baked.

oranges and cloves.

My favorite Christmas tradition is to make these oranges. I can remember back when we were little my mom showing us how to make these. The smell means Christmas to me. Martha Stewart has a “how to” on her website here. Her “pomanders” look very beautiful and very  elegant. I like to be a little more free style about it. Making different designs- like a chevron, stars, swirls, etc.  If you are looking for a new holiday tradition, you might want to try it out. Your house will smell incredible for days. Promise.

colour of the year

if you should know something about me  you should know that there are two things that i love more than anything in this world- 1-good handwriting/ a good font

and 2- COLOUR

so i was really excited when pantone released their colour of the year which is–


the fashion world has already been hit by the tangerine bug–

here are some options of clothing that i found in some of my favourite stores so you can go ahead and don this fabulous colour:

 #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7#8 

**eek! that clutch is perfection!

and here are the rest of pantone’s colour choices for 2012:

which is your favourite?

adair: i’m loving of course the tangerine tango, but i think the sodalite blue and starfish are my other two favourites!

mary: sodalite blue, driftwood and sweet lilac!

so, go out, fill your closet and be ready for spring 2012!

xx, adair

Recipe: Daddy J’s Famous Fudge

We asked Jeremy (Mary’s husband) to do a guest post about his Christmas fudge- a Christmas tradition. Jeremy is known within our friend group for his yummy fudge. We hope that you enjoy it!

xo- Adair and Mary 


Every family has that one thing they look forward to every Christmas…. decorating the tree together, watching Rudolph, caroling, [insert your family’s favorite here]. For me, it was my Daddy J’s famous fudge (contrary to popular belief, I am not referring to myself as “Daddy J”, that’s what we called my grandad).

Every Christmas, Daddy J would make countless batches of fudge, giving tin-fulls to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. It was his thing. After he passed away in 2009, I wanted to make sure the tradition continued. So for the past two Christmases, I’ve taken on the duty of making (and giving away) as much fudge as possible.

Me & Daddy J (circa 1993)

Memaw - Making Fudge last Christmas

This Christmas, I wanted to share my Daddy’s Famous Fudge recipe for you to enjoy (and maybe pass along to your family for generations to come):

Daddy J’s Famous Fudge: 

Ingredients: 3 Cups Sugar .. 2/3 Cup Evaporated Milk .. 1 1/2 Sticks Parkay Margarine .. 12 oz Package of Milk Chocolate Chips** .. 7 oz Marshmallow Creme .. 1 Cup Pecan Pieces (optional).. 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract


Combine margarine & milk in 1 gallon heavy pot. Place over low heat until margarine melts.

Add sugar & stir until mixed.

Increase Heat. Add marshmallow creme & mix well. 

Increase heat until boiling & stir constantly (or as Daddy J would always say “stir. stir. stir”). Boil for about 5 minutes.

Remove from heat. Add chocolate chips** & “stir. stir. stir” until mixed.

Add Vanilla & stir again.

Add pecan pieces (optional) & stir.

Pour into 9×13 greased insulated pan. Spread evenly. Let cool. Mark lightly for later cutting. When cool finish cutting into pices.


**You can also use Peanut Butter Chips or White Chocolate Chips to make your own type of fudge.

One final lesson I learned from Daddy J…. You can give as much fudge away as you want, but make sure to keep at least one tin for yourself.