wanted: home decor

hello all– there are some lovely home decor out there right now. from old wants (pia wallen blanket) to new ones (souk rug– if only i could bring myself to buy a white rug!), here are a few things i’d really like to put in my house.

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– adair


thought i’d share a few things that were really inspiring to me lately-

via TLLT

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i’ve been craving order, simplicity, and streamline neatness + tidiness. black and white give me a sense of those things. i like the uniformity it gives.

in order to try and create a little slice of this need for order in my life i’ve started getting rid of tons of stuff at the house. it feels pretty good to get rid of things you never use/ wear.

the most recent thing i’ve done is go through my closet – i have things in there from high school. let the purging begin!


three things.

this week i’m obsessed with:


these books are absolutely gorgeous- jamie and i collect books and i would love to have these pretties sitting on one of my shelves together. i love the gold. also- i’m way excited about the great gatsby movie coming out!


this new pillow i got at ikea!


these lovely little gems! wish i had them.

xx- adair

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