thought i’d share a few things that were really inspiring to me lately-

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(all images can be found on my pinterest)

i’ve been craving order, simplicity, and streamline neatness + tidiness. black and white give me a sense of those things. i like the uniformity it gives.

in order to try and create a little slice of this need for order in my life i’ve started getting rid of tons of stuff at the house. it feels pretty good to get rid of things you never use/ wear.

the most recent thing i’ve done is go through my closet – i have things in there from high school. let the purging begin!



three things.

summer style needs to be so simple and easy. sometimes i think we make things more complicated than they need to be. i am completely in love with all of these clothes. obsessed. what could be better than these three things?!

have a wonderful thursday!

xo- mary

this is my new current obsession. the peachy, coral ombre of this dress is absolutely perfect. it needs to be in my closet ASAP.


normally, i am not a romper-loving girl, but i think that anyone would love this beauty. it looks so comfy. the pattern is to die for. ps- its hand printed.


this little number from ASOS is only $36. Seriously?!


savory soups from pinterest!

here are my top favourite picks from soups that i’ve tried on pinterest lately! of course with a few tweaks of my own!

number 1- thai chicken soup!

my friends- grab a pen and paper and write this recipe down! when i first pinned it on pinterest the comment on it was “so good you will eat it for every meal until its gone” uh, true story. IT’S SO GOOD. i substituted red curry for green curry (because our grocery store didn’t carry it!) and it was fantastic. -and not to mention easy to make! the second time i made it- i added extra chicken and extra red peppers and it made it perfection!

number two –chicken pesto minestrone

this soup is so easy to make and is a good soup to carry over with you into the summer. it has an easy to make pesto that makes the soup extra creamy. you top it off with rotisserie chicken, asparagus, and roma tomatoes. nothing could be better.

number three –white chicken chili

this was so good that my cheese and sour cream hating husband loved it. i think that is enough said! haha. i added extra beans to make it less soupy and more like chili. and extra bacon- of course extra bacon.

so grab your bowls and spoons and get cooking!

xo- M+A

ps- all of these can be made in a vegetarian version and would be awesome. sometimes the meat helps make the soup, but in these soups they’d be great either way!

favourite recipes from pinterest

pinterest is an awesome source for recipes and dinner ideas. but ever just want to know which ones are good ones and which ones look better in their pictures?

here are some that i’ve tried and absolutely loved. buon appetito!

for when you’re craving seafood

this is one recipe that is “wipe-the- bowl-clean” good. jamie and i eat it right out of the pan. we also just get a big loaf of fresh made bread from the grocery and use that instead of the bread she makes.

when you’re craving soup + grilled cheese

this is by far the best, quickest and easiest tomato soup out there. MY FAV. 🙂

when you’re craving chicken

it’s the barefoot contessa’s recipe. need i say more? i usually serve it with a side of broccoli/asparagus and new potatoes. yum!

when you’re craving a snack/ appetizer

this jalepeno hummus creamy with a kick!

when you are craving quick, cheap and easy italiano

this baked (yes, baked and it’s awesome) chicken parmesan is a perfect weeknight meal.

when you are craving the unconventional (by this i mean no lettuce) salad –

the classic

the newbie

when you’re craving a sandwich

a sweet treat

this pumpkin chocolate chip bread is so absolutely divine.

and my latest favourite fettuccine carbonara with fried eggs :


which are your favourite pinterest recipes? i need some new ones!


xx-  adair

three things.

Wanted this week:

#1: Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection.

Found this from a friend who shared it on Facebook and I am forever grateful. I would like the lipstick, eye liner, and fingernail polish. Please and thank you.

#2- Gold Heart Stud Earrings from Etsy.

So delicate and simple; I would wear them all the time.

#3- This outfit.

I believe this is the sweetest dress and the color is to die for. Also, I want her sunglasses.

The weekend is almost here. Happy Thursday. XO- Mary

three things.

I have some exciting news to share with you on this three things post…

Jeremy and I….


We are super excited about this new adventure. We are in LOVE with our house. It is a new construction, so we won’t be able to move in until April (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.), but while we’ve been waiting I have been browsing pinterest looking for some inspiration for our new place. We haven’t decided on anything, but here are some room inspirations that I have loved!


I love little silver trays like this filled with beautiful things. (source)


I am in love with this eclectic, southwestern feel. It reminds me of my parents’ home, which is my favorite place on earth- they have excellent taste. I only hope my house can look like half of what theirs does. (source)


There is so much going on in this space. There is always something interesting to look at. That & pillow needs to be mine. (source)

What is your style? Jeremy and I are trying to figure out what we think ours is. Where do you find inspiration?

Happy Thursday!

XO, Mary

three things

here are three things i’ve been thinking about all day:
1- this lovely orange hue. i can’t get enough of it.

2- spring. some fresh flowers to brighten things up.

3- its freezing here in tx and i’d love this cozy thing.

all images found via my pinterest

xx – adair

three things.

There are just a few thing that have caught my attention this week.

#1 This book.

I am now hooked. The first few chapters are BRUTAL and make you wonder why all these people are making such a big fuss about this book and then Larsson introduced you to Lisbeth Salander and then you read page 101 and you know this is going to be an incredible series.

#2- This T.V. series.

I talk a lot about TV because I watch a lot of TV. I love TV. (Doesn’t everybody?!?!?) We don’t even have cable, but I still LOVE TV. And this Masterpiece Classic Theater series reinforces that love. Adair and my whole family were tried and true fans of this series from the beginning. Jeremy and I are recent fans, we actually found the series on Netflix and decided to give it a shot. We loved it. The new season (at least the premiere) was just as good if not better than last season. Lady Mary, we’re rooting for you.

#3-This Print.

Ever since I was younger I’ve had fascination with this former first lady. She was full of character, wisdom, and strength. And she’s sharing some wisdom with us even today. Thanks, Pinterest.

What have you been into these days?

Stay tuned for Adair’s 3 things list later today.