this is a little project that i’ve recently finished and loved and wanted to share! and a little peek into my apartment as well!

in our apartment – i don’t really have too many pictures up (besides on our fridge) so i tried to think of a creative way to incorporate images without looking really vain with pictures of jamie and me plastered everywhere. so i decided to make these cameos. and since we just got married i have a couple of good profile pictures of the two of us! ha!

jamie has an awesome profile — because of his beard. so i did his first (haven’t started on mine yet).

here are the supplies i used:

1-  needles  2-tracing paper (or you could just use a pencil lightly)  3- cotton fabric 4- hoop  5- embroidery thread  (i also used this template for the border — they have lots of other options too!)

pretty much all you do is trace the image you want on the fabric and then stitch away, and viola you’re finished!



this weekend jamie and i went out on a date, bought some board games (love bananagrams!), went to a fun dinner party BUT best of all we went to the zoo! hope you had a good weekend too. here’s some pictures from ours!

pretty sure we have the cutest cat ever…

this is penny’s new bowl- fancy, huh? i got them at target. they were super cute and super cheap — think i’m going to go back and get the coffee mug that they had like this!

did a little bit of organizing and hung some new stuff up around the house (will show later this week!)

otters are my favourite animals!

that face! haha.

the new baby tiger cubs!

jamie went to a concert on sunday night so of course i had to end the weekend with a little bit of twilight! 🙂

xx- adair

the weekend.

This Weekend:

I read the first Hunger Games book in 24 hours. Yes, it is that good and the movie comes out this March. Jeremy and I are stoked. You can watch the movie trailer it here.

On Friday, my friend Ashlee and I went thrifting and I scored this beautiful mirrored tray.

We went out and about on Saturday and then had a fun Saturday night date.

We also sugared up on some yummy drinks.

And then Sunday happened. It was pretty much the best day ever. The prettiest weather, the best conversations, yummiest egg sandwich, and a walk in Centennial Park. Made me thankful for my best friend.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Oscars on Sunday night. If you missed our Oscar fashion post, you can catch up here.

Happy Tuesday, M.

the oscars.

The Oscars were on last night. The fashion was glorious, Billy Crystal was sweet, and I was so pumped that Meryl won. (And very bummed Jonah Hill (Best Supporting Actor) and Kristen Wig (Screenplay- Bridesmaids) lost- pulling for the underdog, duh.) I went to an Oscar party at one of my friends house and we all filled out ballots of who we thought would win. I obviously am not educated on any of these movies, so my ballot was horrible- I picked 3 out of the 21 categories last night. Haha. Like I said, uneducated.

Anyways, moving onto the good part- the beautiful dresses. I feel like there was a lot of diversity on the red carpet last night and I loved seeing what everyone had on. Here are our top three and a couple honorable mentions- because it’s the Oscars- so pick your fav and vote at the bottom!


A: Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

M: Kristen Wiig in J.Mendel


A: Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture

M: Berenice Bejo in Elie Saab


A: Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

M: two way tie: Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford and Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli

honorable mention-

A: Kate Mara in Elie Saab

M: Penelope Ann Miller in custom Badgley Mischka

and Livia Giuggiolo (Colin Firth’s wife) in Valentino

Alright, you know what to do. Vote for your favorite and who you think was best dressed at the Oscars 2012.

All images from here, here, and here.

three things.

Wanted this week:

#1: Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection.

Found this from a friend who shared it on Facebook and I am forever grateful. I would like the lipstick, eye liner, and fingernail polish. Please and thank you.

#2- Gold Heart Stud Earrings from Etsy.

So delicate and simple; I would wear them all the time.

#3- This outfit.

I believe this is the sweetest dress and the color is to die for. Also, I want her sunglasses.

The weekend is almost here. Happy Thursday. XO- Mary

three things

#1- the wall paper to the right! so perfect!

found here

#2- i have been a huge fan of giant dwarf for a while now. but these made me a super fan.

giant dwarf etsy

#3-oh man. these are so awesome. the only hard part would be deciding what colour. (magenta?!)

found here

happy thursday, friends. the high today in waco is 82 and i couldn’t be happier.

xx- adair

make me pretty no. II

mary did her ten make-up favourites that can be used from daytime to night!

and here are my ten favourite products:

1- brow wax – got this from robyn who waxes my eyebrows (go to her if you live in waco! she’s the best!) it perfect for my eyebrows because they have a wavy tendency like my hair is naturally and it keeps them straight.

2- nars blush- in lovejoy. its perfect!

3- tinted moisturizer from sonja kashuk. so lightweight with a hint of colour!

4- juicy couture viva la juicy- a new found love!

5- neutrogena lipstick – pink splash – perfect for everyday.

6- bobbi brown mascara- unlike mary i am a fan.

7- urban decay mascara- i like to use both the  bobbi brown and urban decay mascaras for a more dramatic look

8- flora by gucci- my all time favourite perfume.

9- bite the dust by sonja kashuk – i love to use browns and golds for eye shadow.

10- eyeliner by sephora- my friend becca told me about this eyeliner. its the best eyeliner i’ve ever used.


xx- adair

SNL Skit.

Jeremy and I were watching SNL on Hulu last night. Maya Rudolph was the host and she KILLED it. She was hilarious. There were so many funny parts, but the skit that they did about Beyonce, Jay-z, and Blue Ivy was the best.

It’s a little over 5 minutes, but it’s worth every second. Please enjoy. PS- Justin Timberlake shows up at the end. Yep. Your welcome.