weekend instagrams

had a beautiful weekend! hope you did too. aren’t these blue bonnets gorgeous?!

here are a couple pictures from my weekend.

xo- A


the weekend.

this weekend was pretty busy.  jeremy had the day off on friday- so we had an extra long weekend! since we both had to work last saturday- he planned us a surprise date! (more to come on that this week)

we got to hang out with a friend from back home and his new girlfriend pretty much all day, which was so fun.

but, our team, vanderbilt, was beat in the ncaa tournament on saturday night. it was a heart-breaker and it was dumb. they could’ve won. but as, richard fish on ally mcbeal would say- bygones. (richard fish, by the way, is my favorite character on ally mcbeal. can i get an amen?!?)

on sunday, my mom and little sister, lillie, drove down and ate brunch with us at copper kettle. there is only one word that comes to mind: yum. (you can read our review on copper kettle and other nashville spots here.)

we went and checked on the new house with them. it’s coming together! every time we go by, there is something new. so exciting. can’t wait to share photos with you once it’s finished.

then, we spent the rest of the afternoon in centennial park. the weather was perfect and the park was packed. jer started on the last of the hunger games books and i started pride and prejudice for about the 100th time. what can i say? i can’t get enough. later, i even took a nap. glorious.

**That is where Jeremy proposed to me almost two years ago!! 😀 😀

How was your weekend? Hope that it was wonderfully perfect.

XO, M.


happy friday, y’all!


not only have i looked forward to today because it’s friday, but because my dad + brother are on their way to texas! they’re bring me my new car which i am super excited about…. and we are going (eee!) to look at houses! so, i’d say it’s set up to be a pretty good weekend.

i’ve also been glued to the hunger games trilogy. i put off reading it for a good while – not because i thought they were stupid or because i didn’t have the books, but because i knew once i started i wouldn’t stop. SO GOOD. can’t wait for the movie. 🙂


have a good weekend. -adair

three things: home decor

one thing that i am absolutely crazy about is home decor. can’t get enough. i feel like i’m going to one of those people who moves all the time just so i can decorate a new space. haha.

here are some of my favourites that i have found lately:

1. these pillows! they might be making an appearance in my house sometime soon.  especially the eye one.

2. this little side table is perfect. the perfect amount of functionality, quirkiness and chicness all wrapped in one. wish he could come home with me!

3. THESE. i am absolutely infatuated with them. i want to hang them in my kitchen asap. i don’t have a green thumb (yet!) and these look pretty hard to kill. so maybe it’d work.

source: 1, 2, 3, 4

 where are your favourite places to shop? lately i’ve really been loving spending time on etsy, ebay, west elm and anthropologie ‘s sites.

xo- A.

three things/ home decor

Adair has been helping me dream up what I want the spaces in my new home to feel like. (She is actually really good at it. If you need help- she is your girl!! She has a great eye for what works and what doesn’t!)

We’ve made some decisions and have more to make, but the process is so fun!

But through all this looking on the internet, I have found some super cute elements that you can add to your home decor.

1. Floor Poufs.

Yes, this is a real thing. A pouf and I am in love. It is the chic, cooler, and wiser sister of the bean bag.

I found these two at West Elm (one of my favorite stores). I love this modern print and the more vintage and eclectic print as well.

2. Brass Nesting Bowls.

Dwell Studio has these beautiful brass bowls. What a statement these would make in your house! It would effortlessly dress up any room in an instant.

3. Maps.

I love the idea of decorating your walls with maps. Especially this cool, vintage one from Black List Studio Prints. Maps are a little bit pricey, but I think it is worth it for design element that you would get out of it. Plus, it keeps you dreaming daily of the travels that you might have in the future.

I LOVE to hear what other people’s design style and special tricks for decorating a home are. Do you have any good tips or are loving something right now? Let us know! We’d love to hear!

XO, M.


jeremy and i have been enjoying the weather these past couple of days.

spring makes some people loopy- and i am a wonderful example of that. i decided to go for a run. up and down the hills of downtown nashville. i am not as in shape as i once was. therefore, my intentions were WAY better than the outcome of that run. death. was. near. seriously.

it was embarrassing.

so, after that experience. jeremy suggested that we go for a walk downtown- to get ice cream.

of course i said yes. if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. who says no to rainbow sherbert, anyway?

does the weather make you loopy? hopefully not, but i do hope that you have a healthy dose of spring fever.

xo, mary

ps- also, we put in an adoption application for a puppy today. excited is an understatment. i am beaming. i’ve waited a year for this.

pps- we move into our new house SO SOON! west nashville- here we come!


favourite recipes from pinterest

pinterest is an awesome source for recipes and dinner ideas. but ever just want to know which ones are good ones and which ones look better in their pictures?

here are some that i’ve tried and absolutely loved. buon appetito!

for when you’re craving seafood

this is one recipe that is “wipe-the- bowl-clean” good. jamie and i eat it right out of the pan. we also just get a big loaf of fresh made bread from the grocery and use that instead of the bread she makes.

when you’re craving soup + grilled cheese

this is by far the best, quickest and easiest tomato soup out there. MY FAV. 🙂

when you’re craving chicken

it’s the barefoot contessa’s recipe. need i say more? i usually serve it with a side of broccoli/asparagus and new potatoes. yum!

when you’re craving a snack/ appetizer

this jalepeno hummus creamy with a kick!

when you are craving quick, cheap and easy italiano

this baked (yes, baked and it’s awesome) chicken parmesan is a perfect weeknight meal.

when you are craving the unconventional (by this i mean no lettuce) salad –

the classic

the newbie

when you’re craving a sandwich

a sweet treat

this pumpkin chocolate chip bread is so absolutely divine.

and my latest favourite fettuccine carbonara with fried eggs :


which are your favourite pinterest recipes? i need some new ones!


xx-  adair

Three Things/ Picnic.

I love picnics and have been wanting to plan one sometime soon. I am a wimp- so it has to get a little warmer here in Nashville. It needs to consistently be around 68 degrees for more than 24 hours.

There really is nothing better than lounging on a comfy blanket, relaxing, and sipping on some sweet tea with lemon. Is there anything better? Probably not, unless said picnic was at the beach.

Do you like picnics? What is your favorite thing about picnic days? What is your favorite thing to bring?

1. The blanket.

I am in love with these organic blankets.

and these fun prints, especially the seagulls.

2. The basket.

This basket is so vintage and romantic and it obviously holds the yummiest foods. (This site actually has some really yummy picnic menus and recipes- definitely worth a try!)

3. The dress.

You obviously have to be stylish and comfy while relaxing at the picnic and ModCloth has some great options. Any of these three would be perfect.

The Strawberry Sundae Dress

The Aye, Aye Cutie Dress

The Sunlight Up My Life Dress

I hope this has inspired you to get out and have a picnic of your own. XO-M.

three things: let’s go on a picnic.

in the spring there is nothing better than having a picnic. here are three things that i think are essential to creating a romantic and picturesque picnic:

#1 these beautiful plates would be a perfect addition.

#2- wear these shoes–

#3- this little made well frock exudes a carefree ease and girlish romanticism. perfect for your picnic.

happy thursday!

xx- adair

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