wish list no.1


if i could pick anything to wear today it’d most definitely be this dress by madewell with these perfect sandals and paired with these brass hoops (i’m really into anything brass lately) and this braided ring, but alas these will have to stay on my wish list for a while. saving up for spain (but wouldn’t this outfit be PERFECT in spain?!)!

what would you pick to wear today if you could pick anything?

happy hump day (despite the fact that it feels like thursday to me today)!



ps- i might drag jamie to see snow white and the huntsman tonight! anyone seen it?


LLT Xmas Wish List.

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought that we would show you what is on our wish list this year.

Mary’s List:

1- one of these lovely little bags:

Fashion Luncheon Bag. With All My Heart Tote.

2- this lovely little sweater.

Merino Cambon Cardigan.

3- this lovely little candle.

Capri Blue Jar Candle, in Blue.

4- these lovely little earrings.

Dawn’s Dew Earrings. 

5-  this lovely little cookbook.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Adair’s List:

I.this lovely little print

bat print

II. this lovely little dress

fox hunt dress

III. this lovely little necklace

fragmented necklace

IV. this lovely little book-


V. these lovely little shoes-

mickey black leather by dolce vita