three things

here are three things i’ve learned about the way that i like to decorate. plus they’re just pretty things i’ve found around the internet that i wanted to share.

hope you’re having an awesome thursday. its been off and on raining/storming here in waco ( it NEVER rains!). i kind of hope it storms again tonight! (…and tomorrow is FRIDAY!).


#1- i love grey ( and the crux symbol). i really like black walls and dark colours, but i can never seem to fully commit to those dark colours. s0- grey is my go to!


grey crux(source: 1 & 2)

#2-so… i go for dark accents– that way i feel like less of a wimp. give me that beautiful floor in the bottom image!moody1


(source: 3 & 4)

#3 …and i just like everything about this room. esp. the chairs!


(source: 5)