this weekend jamie and i went out on a date, bought some board games (love bananagrams!), went to a fun dinner party BUT best of all we went to the zoo! hope you had a good weekend too. here’s some pictures from ours!

pretty sure we have the cutest cat ever…

this is penny’s new bowl- fancy, huh? i got them at target. they were super cute and super cheap — think i’m going to go back and get the coffee mug that they had like this!

did a little bit of organizing and hung some new stuff up around the house (will show later this week!)

otters are my favourite animals!

that face! haha.

the new baby tiger cubs!

jamie went to a concert on sunday night so of course i had to end the weekend with a little bit of twilight! 🙂

xx- adair


the loveliest little thanksgiving, part 1

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. jamie and i stayed in waco for –our first time making thanksgiving dinner. well, jamie made most of it, i kind of helped- you know the important jobs like mixing and taste testing. i was kind of worried about how the turkey was going to turn out, but it was golden brown perfection. pretty impressed with jamie’s cooking skills. other than cooking dinner- we just relaxed. we spent time with penny and snuggle up on the couch to watch super 8 (which was awesome!) –i also took jamie to see breaking dawn. waco pretty much clears out during summers, but especially during the  holidays. so, its nice for places to not be super crowded. i also started decorating for christmas. when i was at home, i hardly ever,–ok, ok, never helped decorate. so, i’ve been trying my hand at a few things. we’ll see how they turn out. i’ll keep you posted. 

here’s a little peek at our long weekend:

xx- adair