wanted: home decor

hello all– there are some lovely home decor out there right now. from old wants (pia wallen blanket) to new ones (souk rug– if only i could bring myself to buy a white rug!), here are a few things i’d really like to put in my house.

1 — 2 —3 — 4 — 5 — 6 —7 — 8

– adair


three things.

this week i’m obsessed with:


these books are absolutely gorgeous- jamie and i collect books and i would love to have these pretties sitting on one of my shelves together. i love the gold. also- i’m way excited about the great gatsby movie coming out!


this new pillow i got at ikea!


these lovely little gems! wish i had them.

xx- adair

all images found via my pinterest or instagram.