spring + wish list no.II

here’s my spring wishlist, too!

#1 – gold + neutrals

#2 – leather shorts + florals

#3 – stripes + side sachels

#4- brass + earrings

#5-  lace + white

xx- adair

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christmas decorations part II

decorations at the mcgregor house hold are sparse – for a couple reasons. 1- we’ll be spending our holiday in tennessee 2- our land lord won’t let us have a real tree. bummer! 3- and we have a tiny baby kitten who loves to attack things- including our mini fake tree (** see picture below). and so to avoid any spoiled festive garb, we decided to have a glittery-neon filled-minimalist approach to decorations this year.

have a very neon and glitter filled holidays!

xx- adair