around this time of year, i always get a new planner. i guess, it’s always with the changing of the school year- even thought i’m not in school. new planner in august. new calendar in january. confession, i live circa the dark ages. yes, i still use a planner. i have tried to move from using a planner to having my schedule all on my computer and phone, but it just doesn’t work. i keep a much more detailed schedule in my planner and put important things on my phone so that it can pop up as a notification reminder.

i just can’t give up my planner. anybody else like me!? there is just something about having it all down on paper. something about writing it down.

but as i have been searching for my new planner, i have realized how picky i really am about what my planner looks like and how it functions. are you like this, too? well, in my search i have found some pretty cool ones and thought that i’d share- for those of you still in the dark ages with me.

Of course, Martha Stewart has a DIY on making a leather planner. Martha, just come out with a planner already. We all know it would be perfect.

these planners from poketo are completely customizable. and HOW CUTE. that pink one is to die for.

both of these planners can be found at the paper source, which is easily one of my favorite stores to browse around for hours.

and this is possibly the cutest thing that i have ever found on pinterest. blogger of take two they’re small is brilliant.

what is your favorite planner? i’d love to know!  have a wonderful wednesday- the work week is half way over! yay!



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