a little rest.

we have been crazy busy this spring and summer. weddings, travel, family time…we rarely have a weekend where there is nothing planned. but this weekend we planned to have no plans. and it was perfect.

we did have friends over friday night for some burgers, but other than that jeremy and i stayed at home a relaxed. we pretty much hibernated inside to stay away from the heat. my mom came up briefly to do some shopping for our upcoming trip ( i started thinking about packing for our upcoming trip = dramatic skype sesh with adair), jeremy watched some soccer, i watched a keeping up with the kardashians marathon (sorry, mom. :))and we took henry on plenty of walks (his favorite- besides hogging the couch).

its nice just to spend time together and rest up. it’s good for you just to take it slow and recharge.

hope that you had an equally relaxing weekend.

happy monday. xo, mary.

(for someone who “doesn’t know what he’s doing” on the grill, this guy makes a mean burger.)

(we ventured out to centennial park to get a sno cone from retro sno. our neighbor friends own this wonderful food truck and its so yummy. you have to have the raspberry wedding cake. it is heaven in a cup.)

(family time. i know i show soooo many pictures of this guy- esp on instagram- but seriously, he’s the best. we don’t know what we’d do without him. he brings so much joy.)


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