three things.

jeremy and i are finally getting settled into our new home. we have almost been in for two months. time FLIES. seriously, where does it go? like this week for instance, could someone please tell me where monday, tuesday, and wednesday went? they are all a blur.

one of the most fun things about a house is stating out with a blank canvas and decorating with your style and taste. we are no where near finished with the decor. wanna know why?!?! i can’t make a decision to save my life. i cannot click the buy button or check out at the store until i have seen every store, website, deal, antique mall, yard sale, and estate sale.

when i think about it that’s how i am with any decision. especially the important ones. like fro-yo for example- how the heck am i supposed to choose between that many flavors of yogurt?! and don’t even get me stated on the toppings. that’s a nightmare.

decisions, decisions, decisions.

1 // 2 // 3

#1 the cutest door mat in all the world from urban outfitters. “please don’t leave.”

#2 ombre dresser. it’s not necessarily about the ombre for me- it’s all the shades of PINK. how pretty is this? (as seen on sf girl by bay.)

#3 the loveliest little office space.


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