the list.

i hadn’t shared this list yet- but i thought i’d go ahead late rather than never. here is a list of twenty-three goals that i have set for myself to accomplish before i turn 24. hopefully posting it here will keep me accountable and serve as a place to mark off my accomplishments as the year goes by. here’s to a new start.

23 before 24

+ completely decorate our new house

+ take a course on photoshop

+ journal consistently

+ collaborate with Aelish on a project (make something awesome)

+ donate old clothes

+ curate my own show at the museum 

+ throw a fancy dinner party at the house

+ visit a foreign country

+ take a photo a day

+ go camping at enchanted rock

+ make the modern cat quilt

+ save up some money and buy something expensive

+ go on a roadtrip

+ find an extraordinary find at a thrift store/estate sale/flea market

+ make up a recipe from scratch

+ put a ginkgo tree in the yard

+ become a mixologist

+ plant a veggie or herb garden

+ make a shadow box

+ buy more art!

+ go on a romantic date/adventure with jamie

+ go see at least three art exhibitions in the dallas/austin/houston areas

+ have a french bulldog as a pet

so far i’ve completed one. it’s a good start.

xx- adair


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