what’s in my bag?

So, let’s be honest…my bag usually has more stuff in it. Not anything useful- it’s all those crumpled reciepts from like 3 months ago and gum wrappers. But let’s also be honest that those things are not pretty and have no place in this picture, so they are not there. Just letting you know that sometimes my bag looks this pristeen and sometimes I could be on an episode of hoarders.

A peek in my bag:

purse from modcloth, wallet from anthropologie, cat eye sunglasses from posh in their vera bradley case, keys, iphone with leopard case from jcrew, orbit gum, necklace from francesca’s, bvlgari no.II travel size perfume, revlon lipstick in carnation, maybelline  lip stick in ‘are you red-y?’, say yes to carrots lip balm in melon, hair ties, 2012 planner from the paper source, and beautiful notebook gifted from my mother-in-law.

what do you carry in your bag?

have a great wednesday!



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