three things

the past three weeks have been a roller coaster. the saying, “when it rains, it pours” would be accurate for jeremy’s and my life right now.

but you know what? when things are CRAZY, you realize how good you actually have it. we have a God that never leaves us, the best little pup in the world, the kindest friends, and the most supportive family.

so after these crazy weeks, i just want to surround myself with beautiful things. and these three things are it. oh, and maybe a big bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with a reese’s peanut butter cup..

have a wonderful thursday. -m.

the sweetest illustration by danielle kroll. you must look at her blog. it makes me so happy- she is so talented.

peonies are my absolute favorite. they always brighten my day.

i want to wear my hair like this. i feel like i would look like i was trying too hard. maybe one day. have you had success with this lovely up-do?


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