a lovely little feature: lauren holdsworth of cactus collective

we are so excited to share with you a feature on one of our favorite blogs, cactus collective!

lauren is a college friend of adair’s. it has been so awesome to reconnect in such a fun and creative way. you will remember lauren from a little while back when she did a feature on our lovely little blog! we love lauren’s style and personality and adore her style posts and know that you will as well! so mosey on over to her fun blog and take a look around. you won’t regret it.

but before you do, here is an interview that we did with lauren to let you get to know her a little bit more.

enjoy! m & a.

M&A: We really like your blog, Cactus Collective! When did you start blogging and what was the reason that you started?

L:  Gosh, thanks! It is always such a treat when someone says that they like your hobby, your little corner of the web, so thank you! I started blogging this year – I am a total newbie. I wanted to start blogging because I wanted to create a place where people could learn about new ideas, new projects, new organizations, new whatever. My hope is that it acts as a one-stop-shop place to get inspired.

M&A: We love your style! Who are your biggest fashion influences and why?

L:  I really love fashion as an art form, so I get a lot of my style inspiration from painters and various schools of art. I love color blocking in primary colors like Piet Mondrian or trying to pull of a Parisian look I think is very Toulouse Lautrec.

M&A:  You get to live in one of the greatest cities, Austin, Texas! What are some of your favorite places to shop?

L:  Austin is known for its thrifty style, so I have gotten lucky with some great vintage shops. I especially love Bows & Arrows, Maya Star and Uncommon Objects

M&A: Spring is finally here! What are some of your Spring/ Summer 2012 favorite fashion trends? What are your must-have items?           

L:  I can’t get enough of pastels this season (the Elie Saab couture line kills me!) The revival hair trends, matte pink lips, floral and geometric patterns – this season is my jam! Currently, I would put pastel pumps and fun statement pieces on my must-have list this spring.

(Lauren and her fiance, Griffin)

M&A: Life can sometimes get pretty hectic and stressful. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind?

L:  I am a big jazz nerd, so I love coming home and listening to old records and having a glass of wine on my back porch. Sometimes the urge to un-plug is so great that I go around and turn off my phone, computer, etc.

M&A: Summer is fast approaching, which means vacations and travel! Do you have any fun trips planned? What is the one item of clothing that is essential in your suitcase this summer?

L: I am a lucky girl this summer and I get to go on a couple of fun trips! We spend some time every year at our house on the East Coast, so a giant sun hat & a big oversized button down are my summer essentials!

Thanks, Lauren! We hope to make it out to Austin soon to see you!


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