We’ve Moved & We’d Like to Introduce You To…

Well, we did it. We have moved into our new house. Luckily, Jeremy and I will not be going through that process any time in the near future. Yuck. Thanks to my in-laws and my family, we are finally finished.

We still have a ton of work to do and we have to some furniture to buy. We doubled our living space, so that house is kind of bare, but I have a plan and we are working on it! In the next few weeks I think that I am going to feature our new space and give you guys a peek! I always love looking at home decor and how people decorate their houses.

and a little sneak peek into my kitchen!

And now, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Chandler clan…


He is the sweetest baby, who loves every single person he meets. We rescued him from a local Weimaraner Rescue program. They were incredible to work with and were so helpful. I HIGHLY recommend rescuing an animal over getting a puppy. These dogs have been abused and/or were taken out of a difficult situation.

Our sweet pup had a really mean previous owner who threatened to kill him and poor little Henry was very malnourished when he got to the Kennel that has been his home for the past few months. But he is now in his prime and loves life. All that to say, please consider rescuing/adopting a pet and giving these sweet animals a second chance. We all deserve a second chance and a forever family.


Jeremy and I watched Girl with A Dragon Tattoo last night. I read the book and loved it. I knew which scenes that I needed to skip (there is an intense rape scene), but I was disappointed in the movie. I know they had to cut out things for the sake of time, but geez. I felt like it was a watered down version of which I saw ENTIRELY too much of Rooney Mara (full frontal, no thanks.) I thought the actors were great-it was perfectly cast and it was beautifully filmed, but unless you read the books I think you might have been confused on why it was such a good story. Anyone else feel the same?

okay, rant over. just thought someone else might have similar thoughts.

have a wonderful tuesday. – m.


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