this week.

this week has been crazy to say the least.

two big things have been going on this week:

1. jeremy and i are staying at my parents’ house in clarksville taking care of their dogs, cats, donkeys, and goats. we love it. getting to spend time in clarksville and see some of our friends has been great.

2. but last thursday we closed on our house. we started the process back in january looking at houses, found our house in february, and then waited until they were finished building it. the wait was well worth it. we got to make decisions on the finishing touches, which really allowed us to put our mark on the house. we are in the area of nashville called west town and we love it- its the perfect area for us.

this weekend, we started moving things in. we cannot wait to have all of our stuff in there. and let me tell you, moving is no fun at all. anyone who says otherwise is a crazy. but, we have an incredible incentive to get the moving finished. on saturday, we went to a local dog kennel and looked at some local weimaraners to adopt and yall, i think we found our dog!! i don’t want to say too much yet, but what i can say is that we are over the moon.

hope that you had a lovely monday. xo- mary

p.s.-if you want to keep up with jeremy and me while we move into the house and welcome the latest member of the chandler clan find me on instagram- my user name is marybchandler


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